Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Paging Dr. Swanson, paging Dr. Swanson we need you in the ER stat we have an overdose on candy......

Or maybe we need to to page the ninja to fight all the bad guys coming to our door....
Or maybe we need to page Elmo so he can dance and giggle and make us all smile (:

Here they are on their way out the door to trick or treat. We had a great Halloween this year and the weather was great!
We went trick or treating with daddy before he had to go to work. He was dresses up as a Fed-ex guy (:

We met up with Mator aka Hunter and Melanie and Grandma K.
We trick or treated with them and went to the community center for cookies and hot cider. They were all way to adorable!

We saw some friends from church and little Ian was Elmo, too! They thought that was pretty cool (:

I loved that Halloween was on a Friday this year. It was so nice to just go home, relax, and eat candy afterward. Happy Halloween to everyone-hope it was fun and I can't wait to see everyone's pictures of their costumes!


Chris said...

All the kids look fantastic! Sounds like a blast! So glad you had great weather. We lucked out, too. It was BEAUTIFUL here, normally it's cold and we have snow, I guess. This is too funny, but Mitch was a ninja, too. Those boys are so alike. :)
Wait until you see Allison's costume!

Peace is every step said...

They all look so great & their costumes match their personalities so well! It was great up here too.

Julie B said...

I love to costumes! Jonnie's face gave me the giggles :) Sawyer looks so adorable as Elmo!
We had perfect weather down here too...I was so sad to miss out! I told the girls that they can get dressed up and walk around the neighborhood when they are better :)

Maja said...

SO CUTE! Everyone looks great! Alaina looks good in those scrubs and white coat... hmmm... :)