Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jonnie's birthday

This year Jonnie had just a family party on his birthday. The day started out nice, but as it neared closer to party time the winds started picking up. We don't have a very large house so, we always give people the option to eat outside. After everyone started eating, gale force winds came and luckily most everyone was finished eating. Besides that it was a nice time and Jonnie enjoyed having everyone over!

Here is the lego cake I made him. He is obsessed with legos these days and that is all he wants to do. Alaina thought it looked like a baby cake because of the colors, but Jonnie loved it and was very surprised (:

Here are some party guests dishing up food. Mom brought the turkey to put on buns and it was delicious as well as the salads and beans Karen brought (thanks again guys).
My niece Allison is living back in Minnesota for her senior year. It is nice having her close by and hopefully I will see her more often (:
Mr. Mellow (Levi) with Grandma.
Here he is with Great Grandma-I love this picture and how he is staring up at her.
Present time! Sawyer helped as much as was allowed. He received some awesome gifts!
Here is the train great grandma got him-we later found out that little puffs of smoke come out when it is going!
And oh, how people know him....yay, candy.
He had lots of girlfriends!
Here is the mini motor bike we bought him. He was soooo excited to get it. It goes about 15 MPH, so fast enough to be thrilling for him and slow enough for his mother (: I rode it, too and it is FUN! The next step will be to get him a dirt bike when he is 13 or something. This bike is made for 13+ and I have a hard time imagining a 13 or older child on it.

Happy Birthday again, Jonnie!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Jonnie

Have a great 9th Birthday!

I Love You!

Friday, September 25, 2009

"Ladies and Gentlemen...."

I went to a circus today. I know, hard to believe as I said I would never go to a circus, but what do you do when you son wants you to chaperon his class trip to the circus? You say yes, of course. The only reason I have banned all circuses in my life over the years is I strongly believe that wild animals should not be trained (abused) for our viewing pleasure. There is nothing natural or fun about an elephant standing on a ball or a tiger jumping through a ring of fire-esp. when the tigers are cowering every time the "trainer" comes close to them. Ok, it needed to be said and I am done.

Onto the day....here is Jonnie's class. He has a very nice class this year and I just love his teacher (have I said that before :)). It was so exciting for them all to be there.

Each student received a ticket for a snow cone or cotton candy and at intermission they had a drawing for 5 bikes-Jonnie really wanted to win a new bike. Especially since it is his birthday and all this weekend. It would have been nice, but there were hundreds of 3rd graders there and we are never that lucky.
The show was for all the 3rd graders from our town as well as all the surrounding schools/towns. Who knew there were that many 3rd graders in the area (:

My favorite part-not the best pictures, sorry.

This right here makes it all worth it and I actually really enjoyed it (minus the animals). There was a lot of cool things the acrobats, etc. did.
Jonnie loved it, too (:
Happy Friday!

Monday, September 21, 2009

"Monday, monday...lala la la la....."

Monday has rolled around again and it was a little harder to get up this morning. It could be that after having two Sawyer free nights, he decided that was long enough and crawled into bed with us in the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes it's great and cozy, but last night he needed to play with my hair A LOT and sometimes it's tangly-that is all I need to explain about that. So, didn't get much sleep last night but still need to get up at 6 to get the older two on their way to school. So far, I have done laundry, vacuumed the house, made granola bars, exercised, and doing some blogging all before 9:00!! I am a changed girl in the fact that I enjoy getting up early now. I know some of you are shocked and thought you would never hear me say that, but I do. We'll see if it lasts when winter comes.

The last two weeks I have been feeling a little lost. I haven't been working and need to find some new students, but until then I have had to adjust to being home. I wish I could just relax and love it, but I have had anxiety and guilt. I think partly it is because I have been running into teachers a lot and they all ask me where I am working now, etc. and I feel like I should have an answer instead of just happily saying I am home with my little guy. Which don't get me wrong-I LOVE IT-and so does he, it's just an adjustment and the guilt stems from me not helping out with the finances and feel I should be. But, this week I am feeling better and am thinking of ways to help out in that department. Things like cutting back on our expenses and sticking to our budget (which is very hard for Jon to understand-he thinks I am depriving him of his basic needs), looking for things to sell, etc. It will all work out as it always does. And I know I will be picking up new students as soon as report cards come out. Plus, this is what I have wanted to do with Sawyer for a long time-just be able to be home with him and enjoy his young life. He is such a funny, sweet boy that he makes it all easy and we are able to do so many fun things together.

On to other things......the kids are still doing great in school after two weeks. Alaina's adjusting to Middle School and I think her biggest stressors are band and orchestra lessons. Once she is comfortable with it all, she will love them. Jonnie still loves his teacher and his new school. He has made quite a few new friends and all is great in his world these days. His 9th birthday is coming up this weekend and I can hardly believe it is that time of year again. The gift we bought him will thrill him, and I will let you all know this weekend what it is-hate to write it on here and by some chance he should read it....

Well, I will wrap this up for today with some pictures of my family listening to that crazy rock and roll music (: Sawyer LOVES anything with lots of guitar and drums and the louder the better. He also loves motorcycles, so he will probably be my Harley riding, tattooed, guitar player (:

Notice the father in the background? Wonder where they get it? Jon is the air guitar champ! I should also mention this was right before bed last night and they would good and wound up (:Happy Monday Everyone!