Thursday, April 22, 2010

First dentist visit

I had all three to the dentist today and I normally wouldn't post about it but it was Sawyer's first trip to the dentist! This kid makes my life so easy-he was such a big boy and so brave. He wasn't scared at all and talked to the hygienist as well as the dentist. *Warning-mother brag moment* Dr. Gardner said he was the poster child for first visits (:

They let him watch Jonnie's cleaning first so he knew exactly what to expect. He kept asking when it was his turn. Oh, and she said Jonnie's teeth looked great and he had NO cavities!! Yay!

Finally his turn and he thought the chair going up and down was pretty cool.

Listening closely to what she was telling him.

Counting his teeth.

Time to clean and polish. He was still cool and calm-I really think it helps that they have a tv on the ceiling and he was able to watch a video about dogs getting their teeth cleaned.

Time to see the dentist. He really liked him and since he was doing so well they put floride on his teeth, too.

All done and has pearly white teeth! It couldn't have gone any better.

Alaina didn't have cavities either, but needs to see the orthodontist. I knew it was coming. She goes on June 7th for her first consult. Time to seriously start saving for those braces!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


The last few days I have not had a camera and after searching everywhere, I immediately blamed the kids. After they all denied over and over they had no idea where it was and none of them had used it, I finally found it under the couch-clue #1?

Clue #2-There was some evidence found when I looked at the pictures on the camera.

Clue #3-looks like spider man is involved somehow.

Clue #4-there were a lot of pictures of this guy-I mean A LOT.

Clue #5-Lots of out of focus, hilarious pictures such as this one.

I think I have solved the mystery of who had my camera, have you?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday and Sunshine

What a beautiful Saturday spent with the kids and Dex.

If you look closely you will see my boys do not have shirts on. It was 59 degrees.

We are having a great Saturday and hope you all are, too!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter. We had a fun day filled with candy, brunch, candy, egg hunts, candy and more candy! They all think I am a mean, strict mom because I don't want them to now eat all that candy.

Sawyer found his easter basket on the side of the couch (actually Jonnie found it and couldn't hide his excitement).

So excited!
Jonnie found his in the pantry (actually Alaina did and couldn't hide her excitement).
Excited to have all that candy!
Alaina found hers in the basement (actually I had to straight out tell her where it was as she had no clue).
Very excited for the New Moon dvd!
Here they are sampling some of there candy before getting ready to go to Grandma Jeanne's for brunch and egg hunt.
Here at Grandma's and Liam was sooo in love with his new monkey friend. He just wanted to eat it-so funny!
Here's Nevie in her beautiful new Easter dress.
The boys having a jam sessions with harmonicas....
and kazoos.

Alain got some body wash-just what I, I mean, she needed.Two Gorts-Liam and daddy Shawn.

Here's the start of the egg hunt-they were all on a mission.
Sweet nevie so excited to find her eggs!

Alaina had trouble locating hers since they were all up high and she hates to try too hard (:
Allison had to help her out. Notice they are about the same height!
Cute brothers.
Cute husband and dad.
The seven grandkids that were there that day. Sawyer didn't want to cooperate with pictures, so we were just happy to have him stand in one spot.
Grandma and Grandpappy with the kids. I am hoping someone else got some clearer pictures. I do love Alaina's hair here, however (:
The Gorts.
The Swansons. Not the dream family picture I envisioned, but I'll take what I can get!

After the LeBon egg hunt we headed out to the Swanson's annual egg hunt. The kids were still raring to go and excited to get more candy! Here are the six of them right before the hunt.

Run Jonnie, Run!
Alaina taking her time.
"Look Tucker I have a gold shiny egg!"
Kate didn't want me to take her picture but she finally stopped long enough to make me happy.
A lot of Alaina's were up high again and she had to work for some of them. Jump Alaina, jump!
"Look Hunter, I found a gold, shiny egg!" Doesn't look like Hunter cares too much (:
I took the same picture in the same spot last year, so I guess that means it's a new tradition.

Keep running, Jonnie!
"Look dad, I found a gold, shiny egg!"
Jon x 2.
My boys!
Jon and his brother who act like boys.

"Look Uncle Tim, I found a shiny, golden egg!"

Levi awoke from his nap. Cutie pie!
And here is all seven-no tears out of anyone this year! They are waiting for Grandmas easter baskets.

They all got water guns, so of course Uncle Jon (daddy) had to start squirting the boys.
Then the boys took them outside to set up a battle...
They were all hiding waiting for Jonnie to come out so they could squirt him, but they weren't expecting Uncle Jon (daddy) to come around the corner!!
Sawyer was in his glory and never backed down for nothing-it was quite hysterical!
Jon getting Hunter and Hunter trying to get him back, but it is hard when your trying to run away at the same time! (: Sawyer is still squirting him.....

He never got a break from him!
Tucker's turn to get wet!

Great spot!
Nothing beats water guns.

A busy but fun day! Now where to stash all this extra candy?? We have dentist appts. coming up!