Wednesday, March 14, 2012

8 months!

Well, she did it.  My sweet girl got older again.  To celebrate her 8th month, we put up her new crib.  First, I painted the room and bought new cutains to match her new bedding.  I also bought us new matching bedding, as well.  Since we need to all share a room for awhile, I wanted it to at least all look good together (:

 I also bought some sweet butterflies for her corner of the room.   They are so sweet and Cora loves them. I put two on the wall and hung one from the ceiling.
 She loves her new bed and it has been a smooth transition.  She is still up in the night a few times and having to actually get out of bed to get her vs. just leaning over and grabbing her has been a not so smooth transition for me, though (;  Someday she will sleep through the night, someday....
 Here she is napping for the first time in her crib.  She has been napping for 2-3 hours at a time, so she thinks it's pretty cozy!
She also finally has a tooth coming through.  It poked through at the end of her 7th month and you can't see it yet, but you can feel it! She also loves to dance at anything that resembles music.  It is the cutest thing!  Also, it has been a really warm spring, so she has been loving going on walks and being outside.  She says dada a lot and some of those times she is actually looking at dada, but not totally convinced she is conecting the two.  She is such a joy and we have all had so much fun with her (: