Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jonnie's birthday

Jonnie had a good 8th birthday. He is still young enough to get really excited at the presents he receives and that makes us happy (: His favorite was the new truck his dad bought him. We also got him a skate board and I laugh because the 20 year old who sold it to me said, "You don't need a helmet or knee pads and elbow pads, I skateboard and I never use anything......" all the while giving me a smile like I was a silly mom and it is not cool to buy those things. I kept reminding him that he is 8 and has never been on one. I guess I am an uncool mom, but my son will be protected (:

The birthday party was fun and I think the boys had a lot of fun bowling. Only 6 boys were able to come, but I thought that was perfect especially when bowling and none of them had to wait very long. I was grateful that my mom was there to help the boys bowl and keep an eye on who was next, etc. Thanks again, mom! It was nice to have the party there where the boys could run around and be loud. For awhile we were the only ones there! I was also very impressed with how well they all bowled. Some of his friends are pretty athletic and it showed even in bowling!

Jon's brother Tim and his family were able to make it along with my parents, and mother-in-law. Tucker and Sawyer were able to bowl a little with the help of grandma Karen after the older boys were done. It was adorable!

Jonnie received some really great gifts. As you can see, he really liked the Twins and Vikings' gifts that Grandma and Grandpa worm bought him (:
I laugh because last year the big thing was Vikings everything, and now this year the Twins is really the big thing. Next year may be the Timberwolves or Minnesota Wild. Time will tell.....

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jonnie!

Happy Birthday to my sweet, dramatic, funny, energetic, talented 8 year old! I still remember vividly the day you were born. I thought you were the sweetest baby ever and I remember how you squeaked instead of cried. My heart instantly swelled with love for you (: You were always a mommy's boy and fortunately you still are......I love you, don't ever doubt that.

Happy 8th Birthday!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What's new

I know it has been awhile (: I just haven't had a lot to write about lately and needed a computer break. So anyway, we have just been busy with work and school and in Sawyer's world, play.

Alaina continues to have an awesome year at school. I see her blossoming this year like never before. I think she has a great teacher and some nice kids in her class. She comes home after school and talks non-stop and is just bubbly-I love it! Her and 3 of her friends are doing the Enterprising Kids at the mall in a few weeks. The kids create there own business and sell their product that day. The girls (or should I say Alaina) are making friendship bracelets to sell. Alaina has already made 74!! Can you believe it? She is so excited and thinks they are going to make a ton of money (: They have named their company The Knots Corporation.

Jonnie on the other hand is struggling at school, not academically. Not every day, but it has been a challenge this year some days. I currently have him home from school again because he said he vomited in the bathroom (no witnesses). I am at a loss. I can't accuse him of lying, but on the other hand I can't just let him come home every time he struggles with someone in school either. The nurse told me that the teacher yelled at him today for talking to someone during a lesson and knowing him that is why he is home ( he denies that is the reason but did say it upset him). He is so sensitive.......Not sure how to approach this. I have already talked to the teacher and made her aware of how yelling, etc. really upsets him. I think she just has a loud voice and it is not a good thing for Jon. Anyway, advice would be appreciated and accepted (: On a more positive note, he turns 8 this weekend. We are having a party at the bowling alley. Chris, he still wants me to keep calling you to see if you guys can come home this weekend ):

Sawyer is doing great-talking up a storm and making us laugh everyday. He can be such a comedian (without even trying most times :)) It has gotten better at the babysitter. He is still teary when I drop him off and is so excited when he gets to stay home, but while there he plays, and talks, and has a good time. So, yay, that is working out!

Jon and I have just been busy working (: We had to have Dex into the Vet the other day for diarrhea and vomiting. He is better now and is on medication. He has been a great dog and we all just love him. He has some anxiety issues and he chews his tail when he is having issues with the vacuum, lawn mower, or if we have been away from him for awhile. I don't think it just stems from him being at a shelter, I think he was probably an outside dog or kenneled a lot and has been by himself too much. Anyway, that continues to improve and we just spend extra time with him.
I recently started doing school visits and talking to our students' teachers this week. It has been great and I love traveling to the different schools and talking about education and how to help the kids succeed! That is really the only new thing with me (:
Jon is on a mission to buy a g0-cart. We were at a friends' house this past weekend and they had a go-cart and 4 wheelers and we all had so much fun-Jon having the most fun, I think (: We haven't priced any out yet, but I am all game for the go-cart! We will never get a 4 wheeler as I just don't think they are safe no matter what anyone says. Alaina and I rode one together and we went really slow-they were calling me an old lady (: Oh well, I know speed just ain't my thing!
Hope all is well with everyone and I will be updating more often!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Week with Grandma

I started this post a while back and am just getting around to finishing it up. These pictures are of Sawyer's stay at Grandma Karen's house when we were on vacation. As you can see he had a great time with his grandma, daddy, and cousins Katelyn, Hunter, and Tucker. He ate, slept, visited, ate, played, and ate some more (: Here are a few of my favorites that Karen gave to me to show me what he did while we were gone. There were so many good pictures-was this enough pictures for you Chrissy? (:

Yes, he really was drinking coffee.......

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School days

The school year is off and running and I still can't believe we have started a new year. I always feel a little sad this time of year. Mostly because summer is officially over and I know winter is just around the corner. Plus, I am just not ready for all the busyness, homework, being organized all week, etc.. So far so good, but remember it is just the second day (: I also get a little sad not knowing what the kids are doing all day and if they are having a good day, etc.

Alaina had a great first day and LOVES her teacher. She is very chatty after school and in a great mood so I think she will have an awesome year! Yay!

Jonnie had a not so great first and second day. He says that his teacher is very strict and not very nice. I think what is happening is the class is very disruptive and the teacher is trying to lay down the rules. I've heard great things about the teacher so I hope things go better. I have to remember this is Jonnie talking and he tends to be a little on the dramatic side, so I have to take what he says with a grain of salt. I think he likes to tell me all the bad things to see if he can get a reaction out of me.....
Here is Sawyer this morning getting ready for his first day at the sitters. He was eager and willing and excited to go play.
Here is the big guy walking up to Sherry's house. He was still eager and excited!
Such a big boy, he walked right up there and knocked on the door by himself. I stayed for a little while and showed him around again and took him to the play room to meet the other kids. Today there was a 4, 2, and4 month old there. Sherry asked him if he would help her with the baby and to get ready for snack time and that is all it took. He hugged me twice, kissed me twice and off he went!! He made it all so easy (: I called Jon from the car to tell him how it went and I burst out was hard leaving my little guy and not knowing how he was going to do. When I picked him up, he was playing a game with Sherry and he gave me a big hug (: She said he did awesome, no tears, and basically followed her and the dog around all day. I guess he became friends with the other 2 year old girl and they were buddies all day (: So what a relief!
He says he wants to go there tomorrow, too but says, "mommy, no go bye bye" so we will see if he puts up more of a fuss tomorrow.....
I am off to bed, I am exhausted and it is only Wednesday. I have to get used to getting up early again to get the kids on the bus. Hope everyone else is having a good first week of school!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Better pictures.....

Here are some better pictures of Dex I took today. He is still such a mellow, sweet boy. He has such a sad face, so hopefully within the next few weeks we can turn that around and make him feel loved and at home. He has a little anxiety (he doesn't ever want to leave our house and once outside he sits by the door waiting to go back in) and I think it has to do with him having at least 4 homes in the last few months. I am sure it will take him awhile to feel comfortable and secure with us.

He has become quite attached to Jon and as you can see he is loving it (: