Wednesday, July 7, 2010

On the Banks of Plum Creek

A couple weeks ago when my sister was here visiting, we stepped back in time. Laura Ingalls time that is. Little House was my all time favorite show growing up, so I was excited to visit Walnut Grove. I had read that the real (real being the tv) Almonzo was supposed to be there that week, but when we got there it was actually for the following month. Oh well, we still had fun.

Here we are just arriving in our wagon...

The weather was not cooperating with us and was only in the 60's, windy, and drizzling. We trekked out to the sod house location first because we thought it was going to pour. (Notice my poor child in sleeveless attire-I am always prepared) Here is Sawyer in the actual spot the Ingall's built there sod home on the banks of Plum Creek. It was amazing how tiny it was. Obviously they never were in it much, but where on earth did they all sleep??

The view they saw from their sod home.

Headed back toward the creek.

Here the kids are standing on the actual rock from the Little House books that Laura used to sit on and watch the plowing. It has since sunk into the ground, but you could still see the top of it.

Pa, Ma, and there two children.

We saw a lot of items used back in those days. It made me very grateful that I grew up when I did. Life was hard back then! But, much simpler.

I love the next three pictures. This was their source of entertainment in the evenings. Just picture pa with his fiddle.

Here's Ma Bernhardt with her three little ladies, Analese, Mara, and Rose. We came to the conclusion that Julie has a lot of similarities with the Ingalls. One being her daughters name is Rose. (:

Sawyer still entertaining us.

Pa came home from Sleepy Eye just in time for this picture.

Alaina busy in the kitchen making hot cakes. I'm sure in those days a boy would have been courting her (:

Jonnie resting after a day of trapping.

Sawyer still bringing us the music!

Julie and I just returning home from the war trying to look serious. Julie passes, I don't.

Jonnie took this a little too seriously. I really think he looks like his Aunt Julie in these pictures.

Home from the war and then thrown in jail! I really wish I had one of these jail cells at my house when needed-haha! I am only slightly kidding (:

My three sweet nieces and I in front of a real sod house. Which brings up the question again-where did they all sleep??

Now we are off to school to do a little book learning.

He probably would have been slapped with a ruler for that poor posture!

Now for a few posed pictures. Because none of the others were....

Grandma really wanted a picture of her with all her grandkids in front of the "Grandma's House" and one of them wasn't cooperating. I am sure you can guess who. We made him run by when the picture was taken to at least get him in the shot.

After that day, I am going to read the Little House series to Sawyer. I think he would enjoy it and is old enough to understand it. It was a fun day and now that I am (a little) older I am more fascinated with all that history! Thanks Bernhardt's!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sawyer's birthday day

This will be my last post on the kids' birthdays. It gets to be a busy couple of days! Sawyer's birthday was on the day after his party and all he wanted to do was go to the pool to swim. When we woke up it was only 64 degrees and didn't look promising for the rest of the day.

He started the day opening his presents. He loves the cards, too.

Happy to have his own combine and lets his brother know daily that it is off limits. He has to have some power over his brother (:

If you haven't figured it out yet, he is in love with Iron Man these days. He has never seen a show on Iron Man (that I know of) but for some reason he is so "cool" in his eyes.

He even had to eat his breakfast with his "powerful arm."

Well we waited until later afternoon to go to the pool. It was only 74 degrees and windy, but we decided to go anyway. Thankfully, Jon was there to swim with the kids as I was already cold and the thought of swimming gave me goosebumps!

Here Sawyer is going under water (:

He was so cold his little body was shivering so hard.

Trying to warm up.

Alaina loves swimming with her daddy. I love how she turns into a little girl and rides on his back and has races with him across the pool. I hope that never changes!

Jonnie helping his little brother.

Sawyer went back in to swim with daddy, but I can tell he was freezing.

My boys...

It turned out to be a fun day after all and Sawyer's choice of birthday meal was at McDonalds. And we had to eat INSIDE and not bring it home-he was happy (: