Friday, February 29, 2008

One on one

When you have more than one,
say two or even three.
You know how difficult it is,
when they want time with just mommy.
If you are truly lucky,
you get to spend the day one on one.
To get to know their personalities,
Through lots of play and fun.
Friday is the day,
For just Sawyer and I.
To color, read, play,
And become an airplane in the sky.
The day to stop and listen,
And marvel in how he's grown.
To watch the smile on his face,
when he has me all his own.
I love to hear his giggles,
and know they are just for me.
All the hugs I get from him,
make me so happy!

This week has been pretty quiet for us-not much to update you all on. It seems everyone around us is sick and fortunately we have missed it far.

We have a whole weekend free to anything we want and I am excited to sleep in tomorrow (: We also get to watch my niece on Sunday in the musical Oklahoma-can't wait!!

Alaina brought home an art project today and I thought it was pretty cool! She named him "Bob" -the same nickname her dad has given her. It was sweet when she told him the name and they just gave each other a smile (:

Tonight the boys made a ahh, not sure what to call it, but they put a bunch a blankets on the floor and lined up some friends to have a party. And, of course, we had some dancing tonight. They danced to a little Elvis, Queen, and Johnny Cash. Nothing like a little "Jailhouse rock","Another one bites the dust", and "Ring of Fire" to ring in the weekend (: Happy Friday!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Painting, weight,and basketball

Hope everyone had a good weekend! It seems like the weekends go faster and faster, don't they? I think they go faster the older I get.

Well, we got our room painted yesterday and it took forever!! I had to take down a border first before painting and that is what took forever-it was miserable!!! Thankfully the kids helped me and it went much faster (2 hours vs. 3). I had forgotten how much work painting is! After we took down the border, we had to move furniture (dust), tape, and wash the walls all before starting. I was ready to be done after doing all that. Jon was in charge of all edging and next to the ceiling, and I thought I would have it made using the roller-I was wrong! I had to do 2 coats with the roller since it didn't cover as well as the edger-long story short we got done about 9:00 p.m. Jon and I were laughing so hard because his back hurt so bad and my hips hurt so bad that neither one could walk when we went up to bed. All I needed to say was, "race ya" to make us laugh all over again-we were pathetic and oh so OLD!!! But it is done and even though it is darker than I thought, it is beautiful-I will post pictures of the results later as I am adding some other changes to our room. I did find a comforter that is brown, orange, and pink that will look great in there. (:

Bad news-while I was taking down the border and standing on a ladder, Alaina took my picture. The bad news is that when I was looking at the pictures later, I didn't recognize the lady in the picture with the behind that is MUCH larger than mine.....thats when it hit me that it WAS mine-sniff, sniff..... I have a lot of work to do yet to achieve that rock hard body by summer. I have really let myself go this winter and it is time to start exercising!! Since this is a journal of sorts, I am going to figure out a way to be able to chart what I do every day to get in shape. The hardest part is finding the time and energy once I get home at the end of the day-I am usually busy with kids, supper, homework, etc until 9pm and who wants to exercise then? I am just going to have to make it a priority-especially after looking at that picture-ugh!!

On the opposite end-Jonnie has been struggling with his skinniness and it has been really bothering him lately. He gets so sad when people comment on his bony body. It makes me sad because it is just as upsetting as being overweight. Plus, people just don't think it upsets him because he is thin and not fat. I have been trying to tell him that if he eats more then he will gain weight, but he is a picky eater and no matter what I make, he just doesn't eat very much. The funniest thing he has been doing lately is "exercising" when Alaina practices her cello (maybe I should be joining him). He does push ups and sit ups and using my hand weights to get more muscles to be able to play football better at school (his friends are all very into sports). I laughed because tonight he was lifting the couch on one end for a couple times and then stop and feel his arm muscles (: I had to leave so wouldn't laugh and make him feel stupid. Today, I bought him some Ensure to boost his calories and I was told from my Mom-in-law that ice cream is good, too. Any other tips out there? He is mostly just built this way, so I am not sure if anything will help (:

Here are some pictures of Jonnie and Sawyer playing ball tonight-I figured I would post a boy picture so you all don't think we are trying to turn Sawyer into a little girl after the last two posts-haha (:

Sawyer's first time catching a ball-we were so excited and proud!

I was amazed at how well he threw the ball-he would push out with his thumbs just like you learn in basketball-it was amazing!

All done and running away from Jonnie with the ball!

Friday, February 22, 2008


Put on your party dress and dance the night away.....

Alaina's live little dolly-I laughed so hard when she dressed him up tonight-he looked so cute (: He really would make a pretty little girl....haha.
She used to do the same thing with Jonnie at the same age and I have many pictures of him in tutu's and shiny dresses!

Doesn't this picture remind you of some scary movie or something? I can't place who he reminds me of....He was in mid-turn.

Anyone have any fun plans this weekend? I am working in the morning and then plan to start painting my room-I will have to post before and after pictures-can't wait to see the final results!
Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cutie pie

Just wanted to share some new cute photos of the big guy. He is soon to be 20 months!! Can you believe it?

Here Alaina dressed Sawyer up in a little "dress" complete with leg warmers and arm warmers. This has been her new thing to do-they disappear upstairs for awhile and he comes down with some new funky and usually pink outfit-he thinks he is pretty cute stuff, too!

This picture I found on my camera. Either Jon took it or one of the kids-I think it is adorable!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Smoke No More

Smoking.......have never done it, so I can't possibly understand the addiction of it. I tried once and it made my lungs hurt so bad, I never did it again. I was told at the time that it gets easier the more you do it.....Why?!? I thought that was crazy at the time and still do (:

Jon has been trying to make some changes in his life lately and one is to quit smoking-Yay! He never smokes around the kids and I, so sometimes I forget he smokes. But, I know when he has to get something from the garage and takes a reeeaaallly long time that he is puffing away. Also, at work it is a habit and just something he does, so he has had a hard time trying to quit over the years. So anyway, he is now trying Chantix and I pray that this is what finally helps him to quit. There are certain side effects that make me nervous-such as hallucinations, nightmares, depression, etc. I have been researching it like crazy and found those reactions are very rare. I am just really monitoring him and he even commented that he has had some very vivid dreams-not nightmares. The other morning he was telling me how he couldn't believe my sister and I had spent $200 on going skiing. It took him awhile to realize that it was a dream he had because it didn't happen in real life! So, this could be funny or really frustrating (: In fact, if it is possible it has mellowed him out somewhat.....time will tell.
So, I am hoping that those that see and talk to him, keep asking him about it and checking on his progress and be supportive. If he knows we are all supporting him and know he is quitting, he will kick this habit once and for all! The kids are excited and have been hounding him for years to quit.
Good luck, Jon- I know you can do it!!

Monday, February 18, 2008


I have been tagged by Kaylyn for this fun questionare! I will be tagging three more of join in the fun!

Four jobs I have had in my life:
-Receptionist at the American Indian Resource Center (in college)
-Waitress for Timbers and Wild Honey Market
-Office Supervisor at S. 71 Vet Clinic
-Substitute teacher and teacher at Sylvan Learning Center
Four movies I could watch over and over:
-Moulin Rouge
-Say Anything
-The Sound of Music
Four places I have lived:
-Woodlawn, MD
-Atwater, MN
-Duluth, MN
-Olney, MD
Four shows that I watch:
-The Biggest Loser
-October Road
Four Places I have been:
-Orlando, FL
-Myrtle Beach, SC
-New York, NY
-Black Hills, SD (Mt. Rushmore)
Four people who email me regularly:
-Julie H.
-Julie B.
Four of My Favorite Foods:
-Chicken soft shells with lots of sour cream!
Four Places I would rather be right now:
-Anywhere warm!!
-Hanging out with my sisters
-Relaxing in a hot tub
-Warm in my bed-I am freezing right now (:
Four things I am looking forward to in the next 12 month:
-My brothers wedding
-My new niece/nephew in July
-Hearing my little boy talking more each day!
Four Goals for the New Year:
-Save money!!
-Pay off debt
-Have a rock hard body by summer (:
-Be more organized
Four Gifts I got for Christmas:
-Winter coat
-Homemade cards and ornaments
-Bath and body wash and lotion
Four places I want to visit:
-Colorado (:
Four Things you might not know about me:
-I drink lots of tea-iced or hot.
-I hate the sound and feel of emory boards on my nails-therefore I never get my nails done.
-I have a fake tooth.
-I am always cold.
Four Things I wish I could be better at:
-staying organized
-arriving places on time
-keeping my house clean
Four things I can cook without a recipe:
-homemade pizza
-granola (I make my own)
Musicians that I really like:
-Dave Matthew's Band-I have loved every one of their songs
-Amy Winehouse-she is a wreck, but her music has grown on me!
-The Jimmies-It's a kid cd we have, but I find I am listening to it when the kids aren't around.

Well, that is I tag- The spirit and me, My lifesong, and Sharyn!

Friday, February 15, 2008

I just had to share the sweetest thing that happened tonight at supper time. As I was busy getting the last of the food on the table and everyone else was starting to sit down, we all looked over at Sawyer, who was surprisingly quiet, and this is what we saw....

He had the most peaceful face, waiting to pray before supper-I thought it was the cutest, sweetest thing ever!! He stayed like that even when I ran to get my camera (:

It sounds like most of you had a great Valentines Day. I love to hear the little things people do to show their love for each other. Jon and I didn't go out since he works evenings, so I decided to try and make it a little special at home before he left for work. Since it is also my Valentines day, I didn't want to cook, so I bought a heart shaped pizza from a local pizza place. Also, I have started a tradition by baking a delicious homemade dessert for everyone and this year I decided to make brownies from scratch (thanks, Chris for the recipe) with vanilla ice cream in fancy dishes. They were sooooo good, I can't even tell you how much (: I thought Sawyer was going to lick his bowl clean, he thought they were pretty good, too! I bought the kids each a little bag of chocolates and Jon a bag of things he can bring to work, nothing fancy, but I think they all felt loved (: Jon came home with tea and chocolate for me-my two favorite things! So all in all it was a nice day.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Hope everyone felt loved and cherished today.Picture of valentines day candy hearts.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Which means "thank you" in French. Why the French lesson? It is to say thank you, dad, for the beautiful French fishing ship you made for me and my family. He came by a few days ago to drop it off and put it on my fireplace mantle and it looks perfect. It is named "Marie Jeanne." We all love it and I will cherish it always (: I guess this means I am your most favoritest, right?-hee hee (:

Saturday, February 9, 2008


I am a happy lady today! I was supposed to work this morning but my director told me she had me covered and to just stay home and take care of the sick kids. Yay, I won't argue with that! So, I was able to sleep in until almost 8 this morning. Sawyer has been doing awesome sleeping in his own bed until at least 6 or 7 the last few days, so I am a much more rested person. I hope he continues this trend but I probably just jinxed myself. Part of me misses his warm little body snuggled against me, however. So far he has missed getting Strep throat, but he managed to catch a cold somewhere-he has red watery eyes and nose today-I hope that is not the start of strep in little ones. Time will tell.

I also woke up to very strong winds and snow (can't wait for spring....)-sounds like the house will blow over at times. Luckily I got all my groceries yesterday and picked up movies for family movie night tonight. I bought all the fixins for nachos, so I plan to start a fire, watch movies, and eat nachos this evening! Sounds like fun to me (:

Since I planned on not leaving the house and blowing away, I spent the morning cleaning and doing laundry-I can usually find anything else to do beside that, but I figured I had no excuse today and just did it. I love when my house is clean and makes me happy all day. Now if only the kids thought the same thing and actually helped keep it that way. I turn into the crabby mom every time I walk into a room I just cleaned and find there stuff thrown around-grrrr! Also, now that my daughter in nine, it was the first time she complained about helping me clean. Sawyer on the other hand followed me around with a rag and happily wiped everything while Alaina sat on the stairs in tears about how unfair I am (All I had asked her to do up until that point was clean out the dishwasher). Since she was complaining so much, I made her walk around the house and pick up toys, etc. and then mop the bathroom floor-she came around and even asked to mop the kitchen floor for me-how can I refuse that! It may not be perfect, but that is not the point when she was willing. Jonnie lucked out and spent the morning with daddy and grandpa looking at a combine. He, on the other hand, loves to help me clean and never complains-I guess I have to take advantage of that now. (:

Well, now I have the afternoon free! Sawyer is sleeping, the older kids are playing a game, and I can now sit on the computer (: Hope everyone is having a great Saturday! Stay warm for those of you who live in this tundra with us (:

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Two down....three to go

I woke up (for the second night) to the beautiful sound of heaving followed by gulps of water and more vomiting, ahhh the life of a mother. I also woke up to the beautiful trees covered in frost and it reminded me of the white "frost" covering my children's tonsils. Yes, we have strep-throat. I have been home the last three days armed with my Clorox wipes strapped to my back and wiping with fury at anything they touch, cough on, look at. I can smell the sickness in the air, or maybe it is just the kids' breath. I have done all I can to keep Sawyer away from them, but honestly that just makes them more of a magnet. I have been trying to be the fun mom upstairs so he will not want to go downstairs, but to no avail, I am still not as enticing. Jon has been worried all week that he will get it as he is fighting an alleged cold all week. Why are men such babies, I ask myself, as I am waiting on my son hand and foot, scratching his back, and cuddling him while he is sick, oh, o.k. now I see why. I am starting to go a little stir crazy and am honestly looking forward to our trip in to the doctor this afternoon to test Alaina. So far I am not sick and don't plan on getting it, can you honestly plan it? But every little headache, I am checking my temp. So, I am sure I will wake up to the sound of vomiting again tonight only this time it will be landing on me as Sawyer can't aim it into anything-can't wait!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A must see..

Jonnie was home sick today and we watched Artic Tale together this afternoon~ I highly recommend everyone see it! It is amazing, beautiful, and sad all in one. The photography alone is so beautiful. I learned so much about walruses that I hadn't known before, as well as Polar bears-I can't believe the camera shots they got. It is also heartbreaking that the climate is changing in the Artic so fast and making life so difficult for these amazing animals. So anyway, I could go on and on...(: Oh, and the soundtrack is awesome-I just ordered it (:

Monday, February 4, 2008

Chef Sawyer D.

That has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? (:

Time to cook a little something...

Place it in the oven.....

Stir it up-but be careful it's hot, hot.....

Excuse me a second, I got a take a call from Elmo...

Standing on the doors is a lot of fun, too.....

Mom was playing with her camera and created this strange picture...

I am not looking anymore! But my cheeks DO look cute here...and do you notice I am starting to get some hair!!

Alright, are you done yet?

Friday, February 1, 2008

Chop Chop

Happy Friday, all! Today was my day off and as always I had a ton of plans set up in my head of things to get done.....start paint and start painting....get all my laundry caught know how it is. Then reality sets in or should I say Sawyer wakes up and all I want to do is spend the entire day doing things with him. Also, he loves having me all to himself and doesn't allow me to start anything, much less complete anything. So once again another Friday slipped past me with nothing accomplished-unless you count making a train out of pillows and chugging through the "mountains" until we fall off, or building trains out of blocks (can you tell what we love at our house this week), or dancing to the radio, or reading LOTS of books, and well I am counting all that because it is just as important if not MORE important than all the things on my list to do (:

After spending the day with Sawyer, it was time to pick up the older kids from school and make our Friday trip to Caribou Coffee for iced drinks, hot cocoa, and coffee! A highlight we all look forward to, even the littlest (: I can hear him saying, "ahhhh" (his sound for drink) in the back as soon as I round the corner to the drive-thru! We had planned to get Alaina's hair cut this weekend as the poor girl has been fighting tangles all week. She has spent years tying to have long hair but has finally given up on the dream. It would be fine if she would get up and shower every morning but, no she decided to get a haircut instead of losing a little sleep-a chip off the ol' block.... So, anyway I left the decision up to her as to how much she wanted off. I thought she would just take off and inch or two but she ended up going all the way up to her shoulders! It was probably more like 6 0r 7. It is adorable and I can't decide if she looks older or younger.
It is a little quieter around here tonight (literally) as Jonnie is staying at a hotel with a friend tonight. He is staying at a resort about an hour away and it is the first time he is staying overnight with someone other than family. He was fine with it, but I have a little anxiety.... The family is wonderful, so I am not really worried, but I can't help but feel a little worried with him in the pool with his fear of the water-I keep going through scenarios in my head that he falls in the deep water and no one sees him.....ok...stop! He will be just fine! I also worry that he will be sad or want to come home and I can't just swing by and pick him up. Maybe part of me just wants him to be a little sad so then I feel like he still needs me, sigh.... It is both wonderful and hard seeing them grow up.....

So, Jon was off to work tonight and it was just the three of us hanging out playing ball, hide and go seek, and eating popcorn-fun times! What will I ever do with myself when they are all old (:

Our weekend plans include me working again tomorrow morning (we have a lot of students testing), going out to dinner at some friends' new house, teaching Sunday school and hopefully find time to take my Sunday nap. Oh, and I suppose I will have to do up a few more purees-it has been going great and all the recipes I have made went over really well! You can't even taste the extra vegetables in everything. I even made the banana bread with cauliflower in it and you couldn't even taste it. I can't wait to try more this week-I love knowing all the food my family is eating is homemade, right down to their snacks!

Have a great weekend!