Saturday, February 9, 2008


I am a happy lady today! I was supposed to work this morning but my director told me she had me covered and to just stay home and take care of the sick kids. Yay, I won't argue with that! So, I was able to sleep in until almost 8 this morning. Sawyer has been doing awesome sleeping in his own bed until at least 6 or 7 the last few days, so I am a much more rested person. I hope he continues this trend but I probably just jinxed myself. Part of me misses his warm little body snuggled against me, however. So far he has missed getting Strep throat, but he managed to catch a cold somewhere-he has red watery eyes and nose today-I hope that is not the start of strep in little ones. Time will tell.

I also woke up to very strong winds and snow (can't wait for spring....)-sounds like the house will blow over at times. Luckily I got all my groceries yesterday and picked up movies for family movie night tonight. I bought all the fixins for nachos, so I plan to start a fire, watch movies, and eat nachos this evening! Sounds like fun to me (:

Since I planned on not leaving the house and blowing away, I spent the morning cleaning and doing laundry-I can usually find anything else to do beside that, but I figured I had no excuse today and just did it. I love when my house is clean and makes me happy all day. Now if only the kids thought the same thing and actually helped keep it that way. I turn into the crabby mom every time I walk into a room I just cleaned and find there stuff thrown around-grrrr! Also, now that my daughter in nine, it was the first time she complained about helping me clean. Sawyer on the other hand followed me around with a rag and happily wiped everything while Alaina sat on the stairs in tears about how unfair I am (All I had asked her to do up until that point was clean out the dishwasher). Since she was complaining so much, I made her walk around the house and pick up toys, etc. and then mop the bathroom floor-she came around and even asked to mop the kitchen floor for me-how can I refuse that! It may not be perfect, but that is not the point when she was willing. Jonnie lucked out and spent the morning with daddy and grandpa looking at a combine. He, on the other hand, loves to help me clean and never complains-I guess I have to take advantage of that now. (:

Well, now I have the afternoon free! Sawyer is sleeping, the older kids are playing a game, and I can now sit on the computer (: Hope everyone is having a great Saturday! Stay warm for those of you who live in this tundra with us (:


Julie B said...

sounds like a great day! Of course Mara decides to sleep in today (she has been getting up between 6-7 all week) when we have to get up and leave early :)
You evening sounds great...I think I'll have Greg pick up a movie too :) I think I need to veg :)

I will hopefully blog about our day-it was SO FUN!! Your kids would absolutely love it!

Peace is every step said...

I've thrown in the towel on cleanliness.....I agree it makes me a bit brighter. :) We had a random art day, with many projects, and many-many messes. sigh-

Chris said...

It sounds like a great day! I love a clean house, but never seem to do it when I'm here alone...Chuck has to put that fire under my butt to get me started. We all can get it done together in 2 hrs. tops! I think that is in store for our it or not.

Our day (morning til night) was spent in a cold hockey rink for Tanner's tournament. UGH! I had a hard time warming up last night. I was just hoping church would have been canceled this morning (like many other churches in the area), but NO, I have to trudge there this morning as well. O.k....I'm done!
Your day sounded wonderful, Lorrie.

Sharyn said...

Sounds like a nice, relaxing day, Lorrie, even if it was about cleaing! Sometimes cleaning relaxes me, as I, too, love a clean, fresh smelling house. My kids on the other hand (like Alaina) do not enjoy it so much! I can relate with how mean of a mom I am to make them clean out the dishwasher... "why do I have to do it all the time?"... "it's not my turn, it's Courtney/Cassidy's turn"... etc. Your night sounds nice, especially curled in front of a fireplace when it's 50 below outside. I on the other handed opted to go out for a girl's night out to Pov's to see Johnny Holm (yes, he is actually still around). Have a nice rest of the weekend!!