Friday, March 28, 2008

Totally "Enchanted"

The kids and I watched the movie "Enchanted" tonight and we loved it! What a fun movie and Amy Adams did a great job as the princess. Fantastic Five recommends this movie for all ages (:


Tomorrow, I am taking the kids to see "Horton hears a Who" It will be Sawyer's first movie and I am hoping he will sit through it. I just hope it is short and sweet-I think he will be mesmerized at first. He has been sick most of the week with a high fever. After a trip to the doctor yesterday we learned basically nothing and that it was a virus-she said to watch for a rash and diarrhea today and sure enough he had a rash and diarrhea today (: So, I am thinking roseola and he should be all better tomorrow-I hope..... We have had some rough nights and I am praying it goes better tonight. I really think taking Motrin really effects his sleeping, so I didn't give him any tonight and hoping that will be the answer!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter 2008

I hope everyone had a great Easter-I felt Easter was a lot of fun this year. Even though it was an odd Easter with all the snow and only being in the low 30's, we made the best of it. I had so many pictures, it was so hard to choose which ones to put on here.

Danielle, Aidan, and Neve came over Saturday before Easter to decorate eggs-it was fun to have them over and it has become a tradition as we got together last year, too. Next year we are going to do the fancy eggs, right?

I love this picture of Jonnie and Aidan, they both have beautiful eyes (:

Nevie is all about pink these days.....she loved painting!

Easter morning and the hunt begins.....I laugh every time I see this picture!

Alaina riding her giraffe in search of her basket.....

Sawyer found his and seemed a little confused why it was there.

Jonnie's was behind the bathroom door-again-it was in the same spot as last year-oops...

Alaina's was under the kitchen table-she's still riding the giraffe.....(:

After church we headed over to the Swanson's for lunch and easter fun. The only picture I got of the three of them...this is the typical Jonnie face when I do or say something he doesn't like (:
Two very handsome boys! I love Tuckers hand in his pocket and Sawyers sweet face.

We try every holiday to get a nice picture of the 6 of them and this is the best one I got where they are all sitting and faced forward. Maybe next holiday......

It wouldn't be Easter without an egg hunt-snow or not, we were going to have the hunt! The kids loved it (I was freezing in my dress) and Sawyer walked around with a perma-grin on his face saying, "weeeee!" The kids were each assigned a color and Jon and Tim just placed them around the driveway so they didn't have to walk in the snow.

Notice the perma-grin....(:

Here's the three youngest waiting for their Easter basket from grandma

Wow, such treasures!

The oldest three enjoying their baskets!

Getting some grandma love before heading out to the LeBon Easter.

So, here are the girls that were there at my mom's.
Alaina, Ashley, Nvea, and Allison

Here are the handsome boys (and one pretty little girl)
Nvea, Aidan, Mitchell, Tanner, and Jonnie
All of mom's plant make it look very springy (:

Nevie loved Sawyer and kept giving him lots of hugs.....

Someone else gave him lots of hugs, too (:

We weren't as brave or willing to do an easter egg outside here, so we had it in the house. Ashley and Alaina were a team and Alaina decided it would be best to ride Ashley's back. First the giraffe and then her cousin-maybe I should get this girl a horse (:

I just love this picture of her....

Enjoying some of the candy from the hunt. Grandma Jeanne gave each of the kids a chocolate bunny and sawyer got a stick horse. He wasn't too sure of it right away,but now he loves it and "rides" it around the house (:

Honestly, I could have put a lot more pictures on here, but I think that is enough. You are probably thinking the same thing. (: Hope to see everyone else's pictures, too!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring break week

Hey, all! I know it has been awhile.....I took a little break from the computer last week, plus it was hard to sit on here with the kids home on Spring break! I am back now and we had a great week. I will put the Easter pictures on tomorrow, since I already have a bunch to show you from last week. Here are a few of the highlights.....

Sawyer LOVED having his sister and brother home everyday. He tries to copy them all the time and think he is a big kid just like them.

The week was filled with lots of creativity. The kids love to create things, here is just one picture of the many projects they worked on.

There was also a lot of dress-up going on are a few of the costumes (:


Basketball Star

On Friday, we were blessed with 11 inches of snow-just in time for Easter! The kids loved it and it was actually quite fun-it was in the 30's so it was nice to be outside and play-hopefully for the last time (didn't I write that before.....).

Hunter and Sawyer giving the snowman kisses

Sliding down the hill and getting stuck in the heavy snow at the bottom-weeee!

Beautiful spring snow

Ready to play in the snow

After playing in the snow the kids dyed eggs at Grandma Karen's house. This was Sawyers first year and he loved it! Many an egg cracked, but who cares when he was trying so hard to do it. He also enjoyed trying the vinegar dye-mmm tasty! Hunter even had blue lips from having a taste!

My niece Katelyn was up visiting and they had fun creating beautiful eggs!
Here is the gang.

The snow and egg decorating wore somebody out-poor thing was talking one second and out the next-he is not used to all the fresh air and playing in the snow, I guess!

Later that night Alaina and I played dress-up with my old bridesmaid dresses-she had a blast and so did I! I was thrilled that I could still fit into the dresses-one tighter than others, though :(

So, here we are-I couldn't take a picture of the full outfits and get our faces...Notice Jonnie's lovely red lips (:

Well, that is a condensed version of our spring break week-we didn't do anything big, but we always seemed busy. One of these years, I will be able to travel somewhere warm during break-someday, sigh.....

I'll get the Easter pictures on tomorrow!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Can you tell what drawer of mine Sawyer decided to get into this morning?

We are a happy bunch tonight as the kids are headed into a week long spring break! I have off until Tuesday, so I am pretty happy, too! I have lots of plans but like usual, I will only get a few things done. (: Hope everyone is having a great Friday!

Monday, March 10, 2008

The last Hurrah!

I hope anyway! It was in the 30's today and will be in the 40's the next couple days, so I think spring is finally here. The kids played in the snow for (hopefully) one of the last times of the season-it is melting fast! All I could hear from Sawyer (about 100 times) was "weeeeee!"

Here is a picture of Sawyer eating the only thing he would eat tonight for supper-a jello salad I made. He was such a rascal today-just squirrely and into everything-it really is hard not to laugh. I ended up giving him a 40 minute bath just to keep him contained and mellow him out! It worked wonders and he was sleeping half hour after his bath (: Here's to a little fresh air and warm water!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Weekend Report

Well, here it is the weekend again. This week flew by, I thought. Work was busy so I suppose that makes the days go faster. Who else is tired of this long, cold winter??? I can't wait for spring and it just never seems to get any warmer. Easter this year is going to be snowy and cold, I bet!

The biggest highlight this week was Jonnie's songfest. He was so adorable because he was so excited about it. Since it was his first songfest, he REALLY wanted his big sister to come watch him. So, I got her out of school early so she could see him-how could I say no to that? (: He looked cute up there and he was so serious! I could tell he wanted to get all the moves just right-I also think he gets so into watching everyone else, he forgets to sing (: Here are a few pictures, but they didn't turn out all that well.
Here is the a video of Jonnie having a "special part" at the songfest-he got to do a special dance with some of his classmates. Notice the little girl in pink-she has had a crush on Jonnie since Kindergarten. Her mom and I were laughing and saying we will blow up the picture of them holding hands on their graduation day (: Update: For some reason the video wouldn't upload right, so I will try again tomorrow..

After the songfest, Grandpa Earl and Grandma Jeanne went out for ice cream with us at Dairy Queen. I had noticed a very strong odor in Jonnie's classroom when we were picking him up and I soon realized it was Sawyer-I quickly grabbed him out of there and believe me it was sooo bad!! I didn't have anything to change him with on me, so I figured I would do it when we got to Dairy Queen. As soon as we got in the bathroom, I noticed there was no changing table-who doesn't have changing tables this day and age and what on earth did parents do in the old days? Anyway, it had been snowing so the floor was wet and dirty and I soon found out that I did not have any wipes in my purse like I do any other time....So, to make a long story short I had to lay the poor boy on the bathroom floor and wet gobs of toilet paper just to clean him up. It was one of those moments that you wish you weren't the mother! He was so good and laid there good as gold-probably because I was running around frantic-YUCK! We enjoyed our ice cream after that though......Thought you all would enjoy that story (:

We had a pretty quiet Friday night. We all vegged out in front of the T.V. and went to bed early. I exercised on Friday morning and did something to my knee, so I can barely walk ): I really feel like I can't do things like I used to. I may have to take down the exercise chart as it is pretty pathetic (: It really hasn't motivated me to do anything like I thought it would. We'll see!

Jon is doing great with the no smoking-He is down to 1 cigarette a day. So keep supporting him and encouraging him!

Hope everyone else is having a great weekend-it is now snowing and we have at least 2 inches- who knew it was even supposed to snow today!