Saturday, April 26, 2008

Our Week

Well, once again it has been awhile since I have put anything on here. I go through phases where I kind of get sick of being on the computer. It doesn't happen too often, but this was one of those weeks where it was just one more thing to do and I just didn't have the time. So, I will update you on anything new that is going on with us.

The week started out beautiful and we spent as much time as possible outside. Last Wednesday it got up to 75 degrees-it was beautiful!Sawyer loves Jon's do do do (motorcycle). He didn't even mind when he started it up and it was really loud!

Sawyer loves to climb up on the table in search of forbidden drinks-on this day he drank my coffee, but usually he is after daddy's pop......

On Tuesday, Alaina had another orchestra concert and she did wonderfully. I was impressed how much they improved from last fall and the songs they did were much harder. Grandma Jeanne and Grandpa Earl came and brought her a beautiful plant. Daddy bought her a bouquet of pink flowers we gave her before the concert and she was thrilled. Grandma Karen, Melanie, and Hunter also came.

Alaina also was really sick this week starting on Wednesday night. She was up all night, poor thing and stayed home from school Thursday and Friday. But she is better now. Jon and I were also sick and we are still recovering.

Jonnie had grandparents day on thursday and Grandma Karen, and grandma and grandpa LeBon were able to eat lunch with him. He LOVED it! He was also supposed to have a field trip to learn about butterflies and go hiking on Friday, but it was cancelled due to cold weather and I hate to say it-snow.... We woke up Saturday to a white land once again-we have the craziest weather, I swear!

This weekend we have the pleasure of watching my nephew Mitchell-he fits right in and we love having him here-Sawyer loves it, too-can you tell? Poor Mitchell got sick Saturday afternoon after lunch and vomited all over the bathroom floor! After my eyes stopped watering and my gag reflex got ahold of itself, I was able to clean it up.......he has been fine ever since, so I think he maybe ate too much pizza and lemonade or something and he was not sick. He played hard the rest of the day and has been eating fine. I just felt bad for him being at our house but he didn't seem embarrassed or anything. (:

Here they are watching Alvin and the chipmunks. They all loved it (:
Since it was cold and gross out we were stuck indoors so today we are headed out to do something-not sure what though, but I need to get out of the house!!
Hope you all had a great weekend (:

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I could never be a dentist...

Well, maybe if people's teeth were clean and white and their breath smelled great. Why, you ask am I bringing this up? Well, to answer that question we have to go back to this afternoon when Alaina and I were in the car waiting to pick up Jonnie. She was leaned in really close telling me about her day when I saw it. Now, you have to know that I am always making sure the kids brush faithfully every morning and night. What I saw was some of her bottom teeth were full of tartar-only about three as the others looked great and clean. I made her open her mouth so I could investigate more and to my horror, her one tooth looked discolored and her gums were red and swollen all around it. She then informed me that it has been hurting all week and that it is really loose. She said she hasn't been brushing that area for about a week because it hurt so bad. All I could think of was that it was an abscess or something like that. When I mentioned the dentist she burst out crying and refused to let me look at it anymore-have I mentioned how hormonal she has been? I vaguely heard something about wanting to die in the back seat-such drama!

Anyway, to make a long story short, I told her I was going to brush her teeth tonight (I couldn't stop thinking about that tartar on her teeth and I had to get it off) really gently and clean around the sore area and see for myself if I had to bring her into the dentist tomorrow. So, I brushed her teeth and gently went around the tooth and realized it was REALLY loose. As I was brushing she said it was starting to feel a little better, so that just got me brushing it more and more. I secretly reached around and grabbed some toilet paper and before she new it I had it in her mouth and grabbed that horrible tooth! She screamed in horror and in one second it came out without me even pulling on it. O.K. here comes the gross part-After the tooth came out all this crud that was underneath it plopped out onto her lip. It was greenish, yellowish and for some reason I completely lost it and start gagging and dry heaving over the toilet while she spit out blood in the sink. Jonnie was laughing so hard he was crying and poor Sawyer was so traumatized by it all and sat there with his worried face on. I think you just had to be there...(: I then composed myself and re-brushed her teeth, especially the ones that were around the hole.

My theory was that she got food stuck under the loose tooth and it was rotting underneath there and starting to make her gums infected. It looks a lot better now and the tooth is under her bed waiting for the tooth fairy. Now, lets hope the tooth fairy remembers to come tonight. Am I the only loser mother that forgets the tooth fairy sometimes? The first time I did it, I quick grabbed a dollar and put in on her night stand. I acted all surprised and said "Look the tooth fairy put it on the nightstand instead last night-she didn't forget." She fell for it. The second time I forgot, I made some lame excuse that the tooth fairy couldn't find it because it was too far under her pillow. She bought it again and the next night I felt horrible when I saw the little ziploc baggie with her tooth in it half exposed under her pillow. She was well compensated that night. I am not making myself look very good, am I? Anyway, she has lost a lot of teeth and I have remembered most of them the first night (: Ok, I kind of dragged that story out a little longer then was necessary......(: I am off to find a dollar and a piece of gum......

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dada's Boy

What's up Everyone?

As I approach closer to two, my new two favorite words are NO and mine (as loud as possible)
I think it is funny, the rest of them, not so much......

I'm also turning into a real daddy's boy-we are good buddies and my favorite thing to do is ride and sit in his "dodo" (pick-up for those that don't know Sawyer-speak).

Daddy is also teaching me the ropes on how to be a man......

Don't worry mom, you know I will always be your baby (:

Until next time......

Friday, April 11, 2008

Luck is needed!

Well, the garage sale is still a go! Even though it will be in the 30's and snow on the ground, that is not going to stop us (: I really hope people are really itching to go to a garage sale tomorrow (: I will let you all know how it goes and if it was a really big mistake........Wish us luck!
Alaina has been making friendship bracelets all week to sell, so I really hope she sells a few for her sake-she worked so hard!
Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Feeling angry tonight.......

I now remember why I stopped watching American Idol a few years back and why I will not watch it again in the future. For some reason I started watching it again this year and got totally hooked.......and now my favorite contestant is GONE!!! I am so angry and they did it so mean-that is why I will never watch again-they just crush people.....I will be one of the first to buy Michael Johns CD-I love him.....

Also, I am angry at the snow storm we are now getting! I can't even believe I am writing this again in the middle of April. They predict 10-14 inches and my poor husband is out on the road tonight driving and I am feeling very emotional about it. Plus, I can't get on the schools website for some reason to see if school is postponed or canceled..........grrrrrrr.

And the last complaint is that I have been working hard to get ready for my garage sale this week and now the storm is here....Not sure what to do. It is the city wide sale, so we usually get a ton of people here, otherwise I do not think I would have a great turnout. They say we will not postpone it and will have it no matter what. We shall see who shows up.....I'll get things ready, I suppose...

Anyway, sorry to be a downer tonight-just had to vent-I will be my usual happy self tomorrow (:

Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Friday

Well, can it be? Can it really be warming up outside?!? I have gotten my hopes up before and then we have 10 inches of snow...... This week even we went from the kids getting out of school early Monday because we were getting 9 inches of snow to playing outside WITHOUT our winter coats on yesterday! It felt wonderful and I hope it keeps getting warmer.

I am totally getting spring fever. Isn't it funny how every spring you look around your house and realize how blah everything looks? I am starting some spring cleaning today and getting that overwhelmed feeling and not knowing where to start (that is why I took a break and am sitting on the computer) so I keep putting it off. I have gotten some stuff done in the kitchen-throwing stuff from drawers that I haven't used in years, then I realize it would look really nice if I painted again and a new table would be nice, and I would still really like to knock down the wall between the kitchen and living room, etc, etc..... Now you get a hint as to why I get nothing done....sigh, I will at least get one room done a day, maybe.....

Another reason for the spring cleaning is it is time for a garage sale!! I am having mine next Saturday the 12th if anyone in the area is interested in bringing stuff over-the more the better! I am hoping to make some money for a trip this summer. The older two kids and I are headed to Washington state for my brothers wedding. We are going to go by train and make it an adventure! I can't wait!!! I have been wanting to go out west for awhile now and I am so excited to see my niece Luci, oh, and you too, Adam and Maja (:

I have been meaning to post more this week, but I have been under the weather and by the time I have a free moment to sit on here it is usually after 9 and by then I am hacking up a lung and wallowing in my sickness under my blanket vegging out. This week was nice in that the older kids got in trouble Monday and their consequence was to be in bed by 8:00 sharp all week and believe me it was really, really nice....(: Now if only they can get in trouble next week, too (:

Well, that's it for now. Back to cleaning and sorting. Sawyer is down for a nap so I better really take advantage of it. He hasn't even let me leave his side all morning or he is screaming my name. :) Here is a couple pictures of him entertaining himself while I was busy......TGIF!