Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

The Swanson Turkeys

"All I want for christmas...."

Is My Two Front Teeth!

I don't think he is happy about or anything, do you?

On another note, here a few pictures of the Holidazzle parade.
This is right when we arrived. It was around 30 degrees and not windy, so it was very nice.

The pictures I took came out very dark, but maybe if you blow them up you can see them better (:

My favorite was the live Nativity float. It had a real donkey and sheep on it. It was beautiful, but maybe you can tell that if you blow up the picture (:

Sawyer was fascinated with...

This. It was the highlight for all the kids and warmed us up, if only briefly.

This morning I overheard Alaina and Jonnie in the kitchen with Jon talking. This proves the difference between boys and girls, or 8 and 10 year olds, or just Alaina and Jonnie.....

Alaina: My dream last night was really scary.

Dad: Oh yeah? What was it about?

Alaina: You and mom were going on vacation to Duluth and you told us we couldn't come. Jonnie and I were crying and crying. You were going to leave us home alone. At the last second, we begged one more time and you said OK, we could come. (Maybe I should look into this....hmmm).

Jonnie: My dream was scary, too. There was a Yeti (a big white Bigfoot like creature that lives in the mountains) in our basement killing people and me and all my friends got our swords and went down there and attacked it. (Maybe I need to look into this, too).

Anyway, that made me laugh this morning at there different very "scary" dreams. Today I am home having a blast with Saywer. I have a lot of things for us to accomplish today.....I'll let you know if I get any of them done (:

Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday night dance party

Well it has been awhile since I posted any dancing pictures, so I thought I would share a few (: I know you missed them. We still turn up the music and dance and tonight it was 101 dalmations cd. Personal favs are Digga digga dog and Freak out (: As you can see Alaina sat this one out as she was mothering her pig.

Lord please give me the strength to live with these crazies.....

Have a great weekend everyone. Does anyone have any fun plans? Tomorrow we are headed to a free screening of Kung Fu Panda through community ed. and then we have the hollidazzle parade with cookie decorating, reindeer, hot chocolate, etc.. tomorrow evening. Should be fun! Plus, I can sleep in tomorrow-nothing better than that on a cold morning (:

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Birthday Boy

Happy 36th Birthday, Jon!

Here Jonnie made dad a birthday banner and Alaina and him decorated his cake. We brought everything over to his mom's house and had a birthday party.
Just to let you know, Jon was working outside and his face is very dirty-if your questioning why he looks a little different (:

He had a lot of help blowing out his candles. No girlfriends this year....
Here is the key chain Alaina made him.
Jon made the comment that he wished he could be 19 again just for a little while (: I think he was feeling a bit older today.....just wait until he turns 40!

I had to throw this picture in, too. Can't you just picture him here as an adult working on cars (:

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sawyer's day at school

Last week I took some pictures of Sawyer at school and am finally getting them on here. Sawyer loves school and it is the perfect ending to our week. I love having the time to be with just him (:

Hunter is in the same class and loves the train table.

As does Sawyer...

Sawyer's other favorite thing to do is play with the trucks. I am not as young as I used to be and feel very old on my hands and knees playing trucks-it hurts!

Here he is coloring his orange pumpkin orange (:

Snack time! This is the part where the parents leave and have discussion in the other room. Sawyer doesn't seem to mind if I leave for awhile (:

After meeting with the other parents, we join the kids in the gym. Sawyer loves going down the slide!

Were outta here!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Through the eyes of Jonnie

This afternoon I gave Jonnie my camera to take pictures of his time with daddy in the combine. Since this is the last day they will be combining, it was my last chance to get pictures. I think he did a good job capturing it.

Jonnie loves the farm and spending all that time with just dad. Jon says he asks a ton of questions about tractors and trucks and believe me he knows ALOT and even quizzed me the other night....I unfortunately didn't know a lot of the answers.....(:

I am not sure what he thinks is cooler, tractors or trucks. I think it is a tie. His face says it all.
Daddy surprised the boys today with new "work" jackets that they will wear on the farm. They thought it was pretty great and I thought it was pretty adorable (: Brothers are just too cute and fun to watch and these two just love each other.

I just found out that they finished getting all the corn out. They made it another year before the snow flies. I heard we have a chance of snow this weekend, so they were lucky. Until next year.....

Monday, November 3, 2008


Just a reminder to everyone to vote tomorrow!!!!
I was very depressed after the last two elections and am very nervous for tomorrow-I can't wait for it to all be done. Vote.

and for those living around here-vote yes twice for our children!

OBAMA/BIDEN 2008!!!!!!