Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Children's Museum

We had a great time with the Hillenbrands once again on one of our trips together.  This time we ventured to the Children's Museum in St. Paul and I can't say enough great things about this place!

The first room we entered was called Grossology and it was right up our boys alley (:  We learned about burping, vomiting, stinky armpits, and other stinky body parts.

 Here's Sawyer climbing the wall of skin..I don't think he realized he was touching pimples, moles and warts.
 Here's the crew...we had to bribe them to take this picture but at the moment I can't remember what it was.
 The next room we ventured in was a forest and they had all these caves you could crawl through.  Here's Alaina the woodchuck.
 They also had anthills and ant outfits they could wear and crawl through tunnels...very easy to lose you child in there!  The boys LOVED it!

 Here's Kelsey learning how to make paper...
 And Sawyer's favorite thing was operating this crane.
 The water area was a hit as well.  Jonnie and Luke got really into figuring it all out.
 Same with many of the father's there (:
 Cora loved splashing in the water, too.
 There was also a little city with all kinds of pretend rooms like post office, kitchen, grocery store, etc. which was so cool!
 Jonnie the rock star (:
I can't wait to go back again.  I highly recommend it!

Friday, February 17, 2012


Jonnie made a pretty awesome fort the other day and it even has a lookout window in it.  Nothing funnier than seeing them look out the window-hahaha! Especially when you don't know they are in the fort and you look over and see a face peering out (: 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day

I had a busy Valentine's day that started with a sweet little party at Sawyer's school.  I was so proud of him because this year he sang and did the actions! He was even smiling and happy throughout (:

Hugging a friend for one song...

They sang a lot of songs and said some poems and bible verses-pure cuteness!

Me and my valentine-he is growing up so much lately.
We enjoyed a frozen strawberry dessert.
It was very festive!
Then we helped the kids open their valentines from their friends and teacher.  Sawyer and I made a monster box this year.  He love it.
Julie and Kelsey
Cora was there as well, but I was really trying to make the morning about him.
When I got home, I made red velvet whoopie pies for the kids as it has become a tradition of mine to make the kids a "fancy" dessert on V-day.  The cream was cream cheese buttercream frosting and that was soooo good, but for some reason the cookies/cake with the frosting tasted too sweet to me (never thought I would say that about anything).  The kids loved them and that is all that mattered I guess.  Also, it seemed so wrong to dump a whole bottle of red food coloring in just to make it that nice red color.  I may not make them again.  I have however found a recipe that uses beets instead of all the food coloring and I may just try that one of these days.
Also, for the last few years I have picked up a heart pizza for Papa Murphy's, too.  My kids are all about tradition and I can't stray too far away from them.  Jon and I went out for dinner and it was very nice to be alone just the two of us for awhile (:

Oh, and Jonnie informed me the night before that he, too needed a Valentine box for school, so we made him a monster, too (:
Hope your day was filled with LOVE.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Seven Months!

Mama Mia!  The little lady is 7 months old! That means she is closer to one year than she is to one day old ):  She is such a sweet girl and pretty content and happy these days.  She is making new noises daily and some of them pretty hilarious.  I'll have to get some on video one of these days.

 Still no teeth as you can see and her hair likes to curl up on top most days.  Still not sure she will be curly, though.
 She's still not sleeping through the night yet and don't let her fool you, it's more tiring on me than it is on her....
Happy 7th months!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

First Word

I know she's young, but the little lady has been saying her first word for a couple weeks now.  No that word isn't mama or dada, it's Hi.  But not a short little hi but a long breathy hhhhhiiiiii.

I hadn't counted it as her first word, but after hearing her say it to everyone when she sees them in the morning or greeting the big kids after school with a happy hhhhiiii for the past week or so, I am declaring it as official.

I'm still counting on her saying mama before dada. I deserve that after still getting up with her night after night, right?
 She also says "yaaaaaay" while clapping her hands.  Oh, she claps her hands now, too.
I can't wait to see what she does in the weeks to come!