Monday, May 26, 2008

What's new........

It's hard to believe it is almost June! The weather around here is finally warming up (most days anyways) in the 70's and the trees and flowers are finally blooming! I love spring-everything looks so clean and new (:
The kids only have 4 days left of school. Honestly, it seems like they should have at least a month to go....I think because we have had such a cold spring. It will feel odd having the older kids around all the time. They sure have been acting like typical brother and sister lately and fighting all the time........please wish me some patience because I have none when it comes to that. Just last week Alaina got in trouble for kicking Jonnie in the "private area" and later wrote me a note outside her door that read, "You are no longer allowed to come in my room. With Hate, Alaina." Lovely isn't it? I am in trouble with that one I'm afraid. Any pointers dealing with a moody pre-teen are welcome anytime. (:

Here are a few pictures I have taken recently on walks, or just in my backyard. The one with Sawyer was his first day wearing shorts this season. I loved seeing his little white legs! (:

The next batch of photos were taken at a park with friends. Sawyer was not scared at all of the slides and it took all my strength not to act like I was concerned and just let him do it. I think I projected my own fear of heights into Alaina was she was young, so I am really trying to not do that with Sawyer-it seems to be working....

Alaina and Kelsey (she is 3 months younger than Sawyer)

Jonnie, Sawyer, and Lukas-Buddies!

Here he is at the top of the really big slide! (don't worry someone was behind him ;))

The next couple photos are of Jon and Jonnie in the field picking rock. This was Jonnie's first year doing it and to me he looked so little, like my three year old again! He loved it and has been out there twice since. I worry about him so much when he is out there, like is he going to fall off and no one sees him and runs him over, etc.. I have always worried way to much about the kids-esp. when I am not the one there to look out for them. I know Jon does a great job :) (that was for you honey). Jon was really impressed with how well he did and worked really hard! I also really missed him when I didn't see him for a couple days....who knew I would say that j/k (:

Here is he with dirt up his nose, in his eyes, ears and mouth. This picture doesn't show how dirty he really was!

The next group of pictures were taken at Sibley park. I met up with the Johnson's and my dad for a day of baseball and hiking. I was impressed that I was able to hit the ball-I never could in high school! It was a lot of fun just running around. The hike was fun, too. As you will see, Jonnie was tired, so Grandpa carried him on his back most of the hike-Is he a prince or what? Alaina opted to stay at Grandma Karen's for the afternoon.

As school is winding down the kids all had there playday at schools-here are a few of the many pictures taken. I even went to Mitchell's for a little awhile.

Alaina and Rossy

Fun with feathers!

I finally was able to start a little gardening. I have a lot left to do, but here is one of my front flower beds-I love how colorful it looks! The perennials are just starting to come up so until then I planted annuals around them. The kids and I went to the nursery and picked up some plants to plant our garden in the backyard. They are currently fighting on which garden plot they want-both wanting the same one. We flipped a coin and Jonnie won, so guess who is not planting a garden this year? Sigh.........

And Finally (for now) Sawyer has learned to pedal his trike. He is such a determined young boy and worked at it until he figured it out. So proud (:

Well, that catches you up for now on what had been going on with us. We will be busy this week with end of the school year stuff. Alaina had two field trips last week-one to the planetarium and the other was a special one with her teacher for being one of the top readers in her class (a little brag moment :)) She was one of 5 and they went to Robin's Island and hiked and had snacks. Jonnie maybe will be having a field trip (the last one was canceled due to bad weather), I still haven't heard as I am supposed to chaperone. Sunday school wrapped up last weekend and we start a week long vacation bible school the first week of June. I get to help out with that all week, so I hope the weather stays nice as it will be outside (: My work hours are changing, too after this week when we switch to our summer hours. I am still waiting to hear when they will need me, but I'll be working less to be home with the kids more. I still do not know who will watch the kids now that my sister is moving to Colorado in the beginning of June. Hopefully everything will work out and if you live in the area and would like to watch three adorable kids, let me know, haha! I still have to get the kids signed up for their summer activities and swimming lessons-it makes me tired just thinking about it.......(:
I'll be updating more often as these long posts are very time consuming! Until then........

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mothers Day and haircuts

I am a little late in posting about Mother's Day, but I'll do it anyway (: It was a great day and I felt really loved. The kids must have been crafting for a week! Between school presents and the ones they made at home, there was ALOT! One of my favorites was the necklace Jonnie made me out of of yarn that had paper on the end that said "cool mom" it was adorable! Jon also bought me a beautiful necklace that I was very surprised to get. (: We went out for brunch with the Swanson's that morning and then over to Chrissy's for dessert and coffee with mom later that day. It was a very nice day! I would put more pictures of the day but the only ones I had I was in bed opening up my gifts and you really don't want to see pictures of me just getting out of bed (:

Today, Jonnie REALLY wanted to get his haircut. I had mixed emotions because I think he looks so cute with his longer hair. I then realized it is his hair and if he wants it short who am I to say he can't. He looks cute with short hair, too. I just so happen to have had my camera in my purse and I took some pictures just to embarrass him....luckily I had my camera and you will find out in just a sec........
Before.... handsome!
He looks a lot older in the after photo, doesn't he?

Now for the reason why I was glad I had my camera. During Jonnie's haircut, Sawyer kept saying "me, har tut?" and I kept saying no, not yet, etc. So anyway, as we were about to leave, Denny (our barber) grabbed Sawyer and put him on the chair. Sawyer didn't know what to think and was scared. Denny kept giving me the look and shooshing me away so I didn't make him think there was something wrong, so I stood back and kept saying how fun it was and he was doing great. Next thing I know he got out the hair clippers (razor, I don't know what you call it, I guess) and let Sawyer see it and then he started putting it around Sawyer's head-at this point I still thought he was just getting Sawyer used to it all and not scare him and before you know it he started trimming up his hair!! It all happened so fast and I wasn't ready! I also didn't want him to see me react and think it was a bad thing so I quick grabbed my camera and took a few pictures of his impromptu haircut. Denny informed me that it wasn't his first haircut and that he just trimmed up the wispys, but I LOVED his little wispys so I am a little sad!! Honestly, you can't really tell he had anything trimmed-it just looks shorter and cleaner in the back. I am just really happy that Sawyer thought it was pretty cool and sat there so good and I hope next time he will sit just as nice (:

Not to sure about all this.....

I guess this is pretty cool and I feel like a big boy....

All trimmed up!
So there it is and I am a little sad still. He was finally getting some hair....sniff....He thinks he looks pretty cute, though (:

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Zoo Trip

Today Sawyer and I went to the zoo! We had an awesome time and it was wonderful spending some one-on-one time with my little guy. I honestly feel like I have the sweetest, funnest, easiest one year old around. (: To get to the zoo in St. Paul, we took a bus (through community ed.), which took 2 hours. I was a little leary about this part, but he did really good the whole way down. At first the coach bus made him nervous and he was a little teary and worried, but once we started he thought it was fun-he enjoyed looking at the trucks and motorcycles.

Here he is on the BIG bus.

Here we are when we first got to the zoo-the weather was perfect!

Some of Sawyer's favorite things to do at the zoo were: Running.....

Climbing in and out of things.......

Jumping off of things like little ledges (:

And playing with the water.

Some of his favorite animals were the Buffalo-he loved him!

The giraffes...

And the seals-he said "mom, swim" and started taking off his shirt-he must of thought they looked like they were having a good time and he wanted to join them-it was so funny!

Here are a couple cute pics of him enjoying the "fake" animals at the zoo.

To finish off the trip we waited and waited to ride the carousel. It was really fast, so we opted to ride the sled instead of the horses.

I asked the lady sitting in front of us to take our picture-here I am all wind blown and the signature google-eyes, but Sawyer and I don't have enough pictures together (: He almost fell asleep in my arms-if the ride were just a little longer, I am sure he would have.

Sawyer slept most of the two hour trip home so it ended on a happy note!

At the gift shop, he picked out a little wolf and of course, a football-he is obsessed with balls!

I think the reason this trip was so fun for me was that we just took our time, there was no stress or agenda to follow, and I just followed his lead and had fun. Thanks little buddy for making the day so wonderful and special. I cannot wait to do it again soon! Love you to pieces.