Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Zoo Trip

Today Sawyer and I went to the zoo! We had an awesome time and it was wonderful spending some one-on-one time with my little guy. I honestly feel like I have the sweetest, funnest, easiest one year old around. (: To get to the zoo in St. Paul, we took a bus (through community ed.), which took 2 hours. I was a little leary about this part, but he did really good the whole way down. At first the coach bus made him nervous and he was a little teary and worried, but once we started he thought it was fun-he enjoyed looking at the trucks and motorcycles.

Here he is on the BIG bus.

Here we are when we first got to the zoo-the weather was perfect!

Some of Sawyer's favorite things to do at the zoo were: Running.....

Climbing in and out of things.......

Jumping off of things like little ledges (:

And playing with the water.

Some of his favorite animals were the Buffalo-he loved him!

The giraffes...

And the seals-he said "mom, swim" and started taking off his shirt-he must of thought they looked like they were having a good time and he wanted to join them-it was so funny!

Here are a couple cute pics of him enjoying the "fake" animals at the zoo.

To finish off the trip we waited and waited to ride the carousel. It was really fast, so we opted to ride the sled instead of the horses.

I asked the lady sitting in front of us to take our picture-here I am all wind blown and the signature google-eyes, but Sawyer and I don't have enough pictures together (: He almost fell asleep in my arms-if the ride were just a little longer, I am sure he would have.

Sawyer slept most of the two hour trip home so it ended on a happy note!

At the gift shop, he picked out a little wolf and of course, a football-he is obsessed with balls!

I think the reason this trip was so fun for me was that we just took our time, there was no stress or agenda to follow, and I just followed his lead and had fun. Thanks little buddy for making the day so wonderful and special. I cannot wait to do it again soon! Love you to pieces.


Chris said...

Awwww...I wish I would have gone along with you, but then it wouldn't have been a Mommy and Me trip, now would it? It was such a perfect day for you. I agree, you have to have the cutest, funnest (and funniest) 1yr. old around. I love my little Sukey!

Peace is every step said...

What a sweet day--he is such a special little boy. Glad you both got eachother all to yourselves for the day.

Julie B said...

what a great day! That's one thing I want to do before #3 comes...spend a day with each of the girls. It's hard to get some alone time in!
I love the pics-its funny, you were talking about the merry-go-round and yourself and I am studying the picture above it trying to find you :)

My Lifesong said...

The pictures speak for themselves. What a beautiful day for the zoo, too. Treasure these moments...they go bye so quickly.