Sunday, August 31, 2008

Meet Dex!

Here is our new edition! After a lot of rigamarole (haha, what a funny word), we were finally able to bring Dex home from a shepherd rescue. We finally realized that the foster mom didn't want to give him up and was stretching it out as long as possible. I can see why because so far he has been the best dog.......mellow, sweet, great with the kids. When he first met Sawyer and JOnnie he gently licked their faces, it was so cute and definitely a relief! I couldn't of asked for a better dog and he is just adorable! I know it is just the first day, but I really hope he is always this way (:

Here he is after a long day. He couldn't even lift his head he was so tired. He's making himself at home (:I'll put better pictures on later when he is more active (: I just love him already and our house just feels more complete!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sawyer's 2 year pictures

Here is my sweet boy's 2nd pictures. They turned out beautiful and the lady that did them did a great job. Since I don't have a scanner, I had to retake the pictures with my camera, so they don't look as great as they do in real life. I have a picture for all you Aunts and Uncles-Grandparents already received theirs....

I ordered a collage to frame on the wall. I just love these pictures together.....It just captures his little spirit perfectly and I love seeing his wispy hair in the sunlight (:

We just had his two year checkup and all was great! He still is above average in his development-haha, I always have to add that (: He was 25# (still 10%) and 34 1/2 in. tall (almost 50%-woohoo). When I doubled his height and added 2 inches (that is how you do it right, mom?) he will be 5' 11'' when he is an adult.....not bad if that truly works. Jonnie is going to be 5'10" and Alaina is going to be 5' 4" will be interesting to see if it is really true (:
Other news in Sawyer's life is that he will be going to a babysitter starting next week-not to make you feel guilty Chrissy, but I so wish you lived here!!!!!!!!!! Sawyer and I met with the sitter today and he really liked her and made himself at home and started playing. It was a good sign and I think he will enjoy playing with other kids three days a week and it is really only 4 hours at a time. I think I am just trying to talk myself into it........she is really laid back which I like and she has a maximum of 6 kids and they all come on different days at different times, so they will probably never be all together, which is good. Jon is really struggling sending him there, but I think once Sawyer starts and does well, he will feel more comfortable with it. And we can always pull him out (:
Also, he is talking up a storm! He is putting two and three words together, though I cannot always understand what he is trying to say. His c's sound like t's so that is adorable and helps to decipher words when I switched the two around.
He will also be starting an ecfe class with me at the end of September-I am excited they are offering a Friday morning class!! There is also a music class I would like to get him into. We will be busy, but a good busy (:
I have a ton of adorable pictures of his stay with Grandma Karen that she gave me when I was gone and I will put them on tomorrow!
Until then.....Have a great LOOOOONG weekend!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Spokane/Wedding pics

Now onto the second part of our trip. Some of you may think it is picture overload, but it will be fun for me to look back over it all and see all the pictures. (:

We decided to drive from Glacier to Spokane to save time (5 hours driving vs. 9 on the train) and to see the sights. We took the back roads and it was so awesome to see all the ranches and mountain towns. I loved it and if I could ever talk Jon into moving, I would love to move to western Montana-I just love the big open sky and the mountains. I took some pictures from the car so not the best quality....

We ran into a huge forest fire-once again this picture doesn't show what it really looked like. There was a lot burning and it was almost to the cutest little farm place-I hope they stopped it in time....... The kids thought it was cool to see the helicopters getting ready to dump water.
It took us a little longer than we thought to get to Spokane because once we hit the interstate we thought it would go really fast, BUT once we got there (it was dark at this point) we realized there were no lights, huge mountains on both sides (like we were in a tunnel) and the paint on the road was all but faded. So poor Danielle was about having a panic attack because she couldn't see and we were winding up and down hills, over bridges, etc.. It was a little stressful for awhile!

We finally made it and the next day I was able to finally see my sweet niece, Luci....

Here we are the day before the wedding at the community pool near Maja's parents house. It was very hot out and the kids loved swimming!

Maja, Luci, and Danielle

Alaina really took to the water and was jumping and diving in! I was so proud of her-you've come a long way baby! (: There was this neighbor (Phil) that played games with the kids and got Alaina involved in the "bubblegum olympics" as he called it. She loved it!

WEDDING DAY! Every one looked so beautiful.....I thought I was going to melt as it was 107 degrees!

Jonnie and Aidan were ring bearers and Alaina and Luci were flower girls.

The sisters all arrived in black and no we did not plan it (: It looked nice in pictures!

Did I mention it was 107 degrees?

Princess Alaina

Jonnie informed me he was melting and needed to go to the emergency room (:

Some of my pictures in the church turned out dark and some when I put them on the computer look fuzzy, but it is the best I could do (:
Entertaining Miss Luci

LeBon Family

DeWolf Family
( I thought it would be cool if Maja hyphenated names - Maja LeBon-Dewolf sounds cool :))

Wedding party

Maja was so beautiful in every picture!

The ceremony begins....

Maja's mom and brothers, Charles and Peter

The cake was so beautiful and delicious! Every layer was a different flavor....yum!
Eating all the chocolate (big surprise)
Danielle and Christine

Sharyn, Alaina, and I

I just don't have enough pictures of just me and my parents.

Best man was Dwayne, friend of Adam's and Maid of Honor was Maja's sister, Robin

My beautiful children

Here they are taking care of Luci

Maja's brother sang the first dance for Adam and Maja-it was just beautiful and he was awesome!

Maja and her dad, David

Let the dancing begin! I wish I would have taken more pictures of the dancing-we sure love to dance don't we?

Let the break dancing begin...

Jonnie sure loves to dance (:

To end our trip we were back on the train for about 30 hours and we did a whole lot of this......

It was a wonderful vacation and the wedding was just beautiful! I am so thrilled to add you, Maja into our family and it was great meeting your family-they are just wonderful! I can't wait to travel out west to visit again!