Monday, February 7, 2011


We've had quite a bit of snow this winter and lately it has been waaay too cold to even be out to enjoy it, until last Sunday! It was finally in the high 20's, so we decided to finally get out and go sledding.

First, I took a picture of the kids in front of the pile of snow outside our house. Perfect for a snow cave. The last time Sawyer and I made a snow cave, the snow plow came by, took all the snow and ruined it ):

Here's Alaina. She hates to go too fast and always has her hand out to brake.

Here's Jonnie catching some air. His neck actually hurt today, poor boy. But he has to go fast and he has to hit all the ramps.

Sawyer preferred to sit back and watch for awhile.

And try to roll snow balls with a stick he found.

Jon and Jonnie

Alaina still has the brakes on (:

Sawyer then thought it would be more fun to run down the hill instead of sled down.

Alaina and Jonnie-every time they went down together they would totally wipe out and all you would hear is laughing (:

Jon finally talked him into sliding down a tiny hill-haha.

Next, we talked him into going up a little ways and sledding down and he LOVED it!

Here he is wiping out at the end. Don't worry he laughed and then...

He went down all the way from the top!! He ended up loving it and I was proud of him.

Jon resting on the mountain. He said he didn't feel as young as he used to (:

The rest of the week will be below zero or single digits and that is depressing, but we are almost half way through February and it is bound to warm up soon. It better.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Power Rush

Tonight I attended a Power Rush concert. It was pretty awesome.

Happy Friday all. Rock on.