Monday, October 26, 2009


Can someone please tell me why my 3 year old likes to run away from me? Still. It stopped for awhile, but now the screaming with delight, VERY fast, devilish grinned boy is doing it again! Believe me I threaten, lie, pretend I have something really interesting for him to come back for, but nothing seems to work.

Today at the grocery store he was an angel. As we were leaving and walking through the turn style doors (worst invention in my opinion), I am feeling pretty great having had a happy 3 year during the entire hour and a half trip. He changed. As I walked out into the parking lot, I soon realized that I was alone. He was no longer holding on to the cart as promised. I looked back to see him going around the turning door again. It was cute then. He giggled and delighted all the other people coming in and out of the store. I finally had my chance to grab him and started carrying him back to the cart. He begged that he would be good and hold on to the cart now and promised (3 year olds don't really know what that means) he wouldn't run off again. WHY DID I LISTEN?? Within 2 seconds, he shot off like a bullet across the parking lot. I had to leave my cart full of food in the parking lot and take off after him. Guess where he ran first? You guessed it-that damn turning door. Why is it when this happens there are people around watching? Lots of laughs and stares at my expense. One lady even asked him, "Are you having fun?" and he responded in fits of giggles, "this is fun!" And, just as he was coming around to the door where I was waiting, he darts to the right (he's very agile, that one) and runs full speed into the parking lot. My first thought was crap, he's going to make me run, isn't he. And he did. How come a grown woman cannot easily catch a little 3 year old-and he is shorter than most!

After finally catching him, I was ready to be mad at him, but he wraps his arms around me, smiles, and says, "that was fun!" That actually made me laugh and I didn't get mad at him and just reminded him of the dangers of cars, other people, etc. but I have learned a lesson:

Never trust a three year old when they say they promise.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween begins....

I went to a Halloween party today with a cool rock star and an equally cool Optimus Prime (that's a Transformer for those of you who aren't cool). We met up with Thomas the train there and he was pretty cool, too. Wow, I don't think I have ever used the word "cool" so much in one paragraph! COOL!
Here they are painting pumpkins. Optimus painted his orange-again. He always seems to paint them orange (;

Next, we went on a Witches Walk. That is the non-scary version of a Haunted House.

The first thing we saw was a witch singing an eery song and rocking in a chair. My first thought was, "oh, no I thought it wasn't supposed to be scary...." but soon realized it wasn't and that was the scariest thing there.

Next, the boys played games and since there was a ton of kids there, we had to wait in long lines. When we finally got to play they were given a tootsie roll. The boys didn't complain, but I thought, "all this for one tootsie roll?" Oh, well it was free and they didn't seem to mind all the waiting.

I love this one and wish it would have turned out better. Jonnie struggled so hard getting Sawyer's head in one hole and his in the other. So funny!
Someone has to get used to taking his picture if he is going to be a famous rock star.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Weekend fun!

Last weekend we met up with some friends and stayed overnight at a hotel and went swimming, had pizza, played games, more swimming, and stayed up really late. We had a lot of fun and it went by waaaay to fast.

Here's Jonnie and Lukas. They've been buddies since they were babies!


The kids had a blast together. All my pictures of them going down the slide were too dark and didn't turn out, unfortunately. There were some really funny ones!
Kelsey and Sawyer. They are both 3 and they are friends sometimes and ignore each other most times (:
Here they are playing a game. I can't tell which one they were playing here, but they had fun.

The next morning, Alaina participated in Enterprising Kids again at the mall. She had a table with Rose again and they made: bracelets, painted rocks, popcorn hands, pillows, and picture frames. They did pretty good and made $52.00. Much better than they did last year (: She can't wait to do it again next year. Jonnie wants to do it next year, too. It will be fun to see what he comes up with!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!