Saturday, November 24, 2012


I have so much to be thankful for and try to appreciate all that I have every day.  We had a great couple days celebrating Thanksgiving on both sides and I always feel so blessed that my kids have so many wonderful relatives on both sides.
We started our holiday weekend with Jon's relatives at the AG church.  As always, the food was delicious and it was nice to see everyone again.  For as long as I can remember, we have decorated gingerbread houses here, but this year Jon's aunt decided not to do it.  I don't blame her as it is a lot of work and she has been doing it for like 15 years!  So another of his aunts, and my mother-in-law brought stuff to decorate cookies.  The kids still had fun and what was even more fun was being able to eat them! 
Here Cora is enjoying a taste of the frosting.  

Cora playing with (and eating) a bucket of balls.

Uh oh, here comes Ella...
It didn't go over very well.
After the church we went over to Jon's mom's house and ate more turkey and all the fixings.  My stomach hurt after a long day of eating!
Cora was happy to be home, clean, and cozy in her jammies (:
Her fake smile.

Two days later we celebrated at my mom's.  I was really excited because my sister and her family were home from Colorado this year and I was so excited to see them!  They hadn't seen Cora since she was brand new in the hospital, so they were all so excited to see her, too.
Cora was a little bombarded at first, but she didn't really seem to mind and warmed up to everyone pretty quickly.

 Alaina with my neices Ashley and Allison-love those girls!

 The boys table.  Jonnie could not be happier to have Mitch and Tanner home.
So after awhile, my sister wanted to show her daughters her wedding dress, so my mom got it out and of course she had to try it on. 
 And then of course we had to reenact her's the blushing bride walking to her groom. 
 Then we had Alaina try it on...and I'm not going to lie, I got a little choked up seeing her in a wedding dress.
 Then mom found some of our old letter jackets, so Ashley became Alaina's groom.
 The beautiful couple.
 Then I had to put mine on and, of course, do a couple cheers! Good times.
 I think Cora looks like her auntie Chrissy.
 Mom had all the fixings to make turkey cookies. 
 They turned out pretty cute!

 Roughhousing! I love how Cora is standing there not sure what to think (:
 The ladies.
 The cousins that were there. 
We had an awesome day and an awesome Thanksgiving holiday!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sawyer's Milk and Cookies party

Jon and I attended a Milk and Cookies party in Sawyer's class.  It was so cute to walk in and see them sitting so quietly waiting to see their parents walk in.  When Sawyer saw us, he tried really hard not to smile, but with his dad making faces at him, he didn't succeed (:
At first they sang us a bunch of songs...

and then we sat down and ate cookies and milk while Sawyer read to us.  Jon and I were amazed at how great he is doing with reading.  He read us about 6 books and then I read a book to him.  He was so proud to show us his reading and we were beyond proud of him, too.

Great job little buddy!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Jon's 40th

For Jon's 30th, he really wanted me to throw him a party but I failed and didn't plan anything.  I can't really remember why at the time, but I'm sure it was a good reason (:  And for the last 10 years I have heard over and over how I didn't throw him a 30th party, so I knew I could not fail on his 40th (still can't believe he is 40). 
I pretended I couldn't come up with anything, even though I had already planned a surprise party.  I actually started feeling bad as he was pretty bummed out on his birthday that I had once again missed the opportunity to throw him a party-haha.
I was also nervous that no one would show up.  I think that is a reaction I have to all parties I throw! There were a bunch of people that couldn't make it, so I was a little bummed and felt bad, but those that are near and dear to him came.
Since I am also turning 40 this year (in many, many months) I couldn't be mean or he would get me back (:  Plus, 40 isn't really that old or "over the hill."
Here's the birthday boy!  He was very suprised so I actually pulled it off!

Helping daddy open his presents.

There is a bowling alley off the lounge where the party was and they were having disco bowling that night, so the kids (and adults) had fun bowling and dancing.

It was a fun night and best of all, Jon was happy.  Happy 40th!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Artist or taste tester?

Cora LOVES to color.  She also likes to eat all the crayons and as you can see taste each marker.
 Little stinker!
We have found a solution until she is a little older and that is colored pencils.  Not much harm can be done. Yet.