Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cutie pie

Just wanted to share some new cute photos of the big guy. He is soon to be 20 months!! Can you believe it?

Here Alaina dressed Sawyer up in a little "dress" complete with leg warmers and arm warmers. This has been her new thing to do-they disappear upstairs for awhile and he comes down with some new funky and usually pink outfit-he thinks he is pretty cute stuff, too!

This picture I found on my camera. Either Jon took it or one of the kids-I think it is adorable!


Chris said...

OMG...SOOOO adorable!!! I love the whole pink outfit. He's not only a handsome little guy, but a beautiful girl as well. :)
And the picture in the John Deere hat---striking! His eyes are to die for!

Peace is every step said...

HAHAHA! I remember dressing Adam in girlie clothes & making him answer to "Elizabeth" while playing. ;)

He is so cute in pink or John Deer Green.

Julie B said...

He is too cute! He or she, that is:)

Yes, seeing this made me instantly think of Adam!

Maja said...

AAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sawyer is SO CUTE! And I'm cracking up about Adam... "Elizabeth"?! AAhahahahahahhaa :)