Friday, February 29, 2008

One on one

When you have more than one,
say two or even three.
You know how difficult it is,
when they want time with just mommy.
If you are truly lucky,
you get to spend the day one on one.
To get to know their personalities,
Through lots of play and fun.
Friday is the day,
For just Sawyer and I.
To color, read, play,
And become an airplane in the sky.
The day to stop and listen,
And marvel in how he's grown.
To watch the smile on his face,
when he has me all his own.
I love to hear his giggles,
and know they are just for me.
All the hugs I get from him,
make me so happy!

This week has been pretty quiet for us-not much to update you all on. It seems everyone around us is sick and fortunately we have missed it far.

We have a whole weekend free to anything we want and I am excited to sleep in tomorrow (: We also get to watch my niece on Sunday in the musical Oklahoma-can't wait!!

Alaina brought home an art project today and I thought it was pretty cool! She named him "Bob" -the same nickname her dad has given her. It was sweet when she told him the name and they just gave each other a smile (:

Tonight the boys made a ahh, not sure what to call it, but they put a bunch a blankets on the floor and lined up some friends to have a party. And, of course, we had some dancing tonight. They danced to a little Elvis, Queen, and Johnny Cash. Nothing like a little "Jailhouse rock","Another one bites the dust", and "Ring of Fire" to ring in the weekend (: Happy Friday!!


Peace is every step said...

What a sweet post. I look forward to fridays for your dance party pics. Great traditions happening at your place!

I tagged you!

Julie B said...

so sweet! I love your Fridays (although I think I said that last Friday)
I kind of wrote about the same fears of NOT finding the time. Seeing your posts always make me feel better!

Chris said...

I love your poem...especially since I see Sawyer as my little guy, too. I love my time with him.

The Friday night discos at your house make me want to turn my music on and dance, too. :)

Lorrie said...

Thanks for the tag, peace (:
Glad my blog makes you feel better, Julie! You will do awesome with three as you are such a good mom. It is not easy every day, but most days we make it work and each of them feel loved and special and get their one on one time, even if it is for small, brief moments (:
Sawyer and I love his time with you, too Chris! I love that you know everything about him and he feels so comfortable with you-honestly you are like his second mother-WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITHOUT YOU!!!

Julie B said...

I left you something over at my blog :)

Following Forward said...

I see Frog and Piggy!!!! Yay! I am glad they are still getting loved on!