Monday, February 25, 2008

Painting, weight,and basketball

Hope everyone had a good weekend! It seems like the weekends go faster and faster, don't they? I think they go faster the older I get.

Well, we got our room painted yesterday and it took forever!! I had to take down a border first before painting and that is what took forever-it was miserable!!! Thankfully the kids helped me and it went much faster (2 hours vs. 3). I had forgotten how much work painting is! After we took down the border, we had to move furniture (dust), tape, and wash the walls all before starting. I was ready to be done after doing all that. Jon was in charge of all edging and next to the ceiling, and I thought I would have it made using the roller-I was wrong! I had to do 2 coats with the roller since it didn't cover as well as the edger-long story short we got done about 9:00 p.m. Jon and I were laughing so hard because his back hurt so bad and my hips hurt so bad that neither one could walk when we went up to bed. All I needed to say was, "race ya" to make us laugh all over again-we were pathetic and oh so OLD!!! But it is done and even though it is darker than I thought, it is beautiful-I will post pictures of the results later as I am adding some other changes to our room. I did find a comforter that is brown, orange, and pink that will look great in there. (:

Bad news-while I was taking down the border and standing on a ladder, Alaina took my picture. The bad news is that when I was looking at the pictures later, I didn't recognize the lady in the picture with the behind that is MUCH larger than mine.....thats when it hit me that it WAS mine-sniff, sniff..... I have a lot of work to do yet to achieve that rock hard body by summer. I have really let myself go this winter and it is time to start exercising!! Since this is a journal of sorts, I am going to figure out a way to be able to chart what I do every day to get in shape. The hardest part is finding the time and energy once I get home at the end of the day-I am usually busy with kids, supper, homework, etc until 9pm and who wants to exercise then? I am just going to have to make it a priority-especially after looking at that picture-ugh!!

On the opposite end-Jonnie has been struggling with his skinniness and it has been really bothering him lately. He gets so sad when people comment on his bony body. It makes me sad because it is just as upsetting as being overweight. Plus, people just don't think it upsets him because he is thin and not fat. I have been trying to tell him that if he eats more then he will gain weight, but he is a picky eater and no matter what I make, he just doesn't eat very much. The funniest thing he has been doing lately is "exercising" when Alaina practices her cello (maybe I should be joining him). He does push ups and sit ups and using my hand weights to get more muscles to be able to play football better at school (his friends are all very into sports). I laughed because tonight he was lifting the couch on one end for a couple times and then stop and feel his arm muscles (: I had to leave so wouldn't laugh and make him feel stupid. Today, I bought him some Ensure to boost his calories and I was told from my Mom-in-law that ice cream is good, too. Any other tips out there? He is mostly just built this way, so I am not sure if anything will help (:

Here are some pictures of Jonnie and Sawyer playing ball tonight-I figured I would post a boy picture so you all don't think we are trying to turn Sawyer into a little girl after the last two posts-haha (:

Sawyer's first time catching a ball-we were so excited and proud!

I was amazed at how well he threw the ball-he would push out with his thumbs just like you learn in basketball-it was amazing!

All done and running away from Jonnie with the ball!


Chris said...

Those are such cute pictures.
I can so relate to Jonnie on the skinny subject. I was told for years that I must have anorexia, or bulimia because I was so skinny. (I'm not told that as much these days. hee hee) My doctors always told me to eat a lot of ice cream when I was help gain weight. Anything high in calories should help--lots of pasta.
Can't wait to see your new bedroom. Sounds beautiful!

Julie B said...

what color did you paint your room? Can't wait to see it! When we moved into this house, all the rooms had border on them....trying to get that off was the worst! I feel for ya!

I had read this last night, and then actually had a dream that I had gone on your blog and played around with it, "creating" this elaborate exercise chart :) I don't know why! I wish we lived closer, as I could use an exercise buddy these days...its so hard not getting outside these days, and I really feel frumpy. What about that exercise website you were talking about?

As for Jonnie-one easy and nutritious way to help him gain weight is to add more oils to his diet. One tablespoon of olive oil or coconut oil is an extra 300+ calories a day! For Mara, I would sprinkle it into her food whenever I could-just adding a few drops here and there and he wouldn't even notice. Coconut oil is great in smoothies :)
But just remember that we were all pretty skinny, so he may have inherited our metabolism :) "Put a few flies on that kid....." ugh

My Lifesong said...

Milkshakes, smoothies, pasta may help. Just pick healthy foods, because in the long run, it's easier to be thin, than fat when you're older. So you're using muscles you haven't used for a while? LOL over the aches and pains. Can't wait to see the "new" room.

Lorrie said...

"Put a few flies on that kid....." Ha ha-brought back a fond memory (: Thanks for all the advice-hopefully it will work-he does remind me of us when we were young....

We painted the room a dark brown and it is so cozy-hopefully I will have the pictures up soon!

Too funny about your dream, Julie! I wish you lived closer, too-then maybe you could motivate me to do something in the form of exercise. Once I start, I know it will be easier! It is just starting!!