Thursday, February 7, 2008

Two down....three to go

I woke up (for the second night) to the beautiful sound of heaving followed by gulps of water and more vomiting, ahhh the life of a mother. I also woke up to the beautiful trees covered in frost and it reminded me of the white "frost" covering my children's tonsils. Yes, we have strep-throat. I have been home the last three days armed with my Clorox wipes strapped to my back and wiping with fury at anything they touch, cough on, look at. I can smell the sickness in the air, or maybe it is just the kids' breath. I have done all I can to keep Sawyer away from them, but honestly that just makes them more of a magnet. I have been trying to be the fun mom upstairs so he will not want to go downstairs, but to no avail, I am still not as enticing. Jon has been worried all week that he will get it as he is fighting an alleged cold all week. Why are men such babies, I ask myself, as I am waiting on my son hand and foot, scratching his back, and cuddling him while he is sick, oh, o.k. now I see why. I am starting to go a little stir crazy and am honestly looking forward to our trip in to the doctor this afternoon to test Alaina. So far I am not sick and don't plan on getting it, can you honestly plan it? But every little headache, I am checking my temp. So, I am sure I will wake up to the sound of vomiting again tonight only this time it will be landing on me as Sawyer can't aim it into anything-can't wait!


Peace is every step said...

Ah yuck! I hope everyone is better soon.
Apparently we spread our sick love to the Nolan's party last weekend. Half of all the party goers have been vomiting all week.
Still no sickness for me! Yes, I think we Mamas have the power to ward off sickness from ourselves. Otherwise the world would stop spinning, wouldn't it?

Sharyn said...

Ah, sorry to hear the kids are sick, Lorrie! Courtney came home today with a sore throat. She isn't running much of a fever, so I'm hoping its just a virus and not strep throat. Ah, yes, the joys of motherhood... I think my body is finally immune to all the germs my kids bring home from school. I haven't been sick at all this year, which has been a blessing!

Chris said...

Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! I was so sorry to hear that Alaina was sick...but secretly sighing 'cause I don't want it in my house. :) Hope all is better today and you don't get sick.
I love the visual of the "frost" encrusted noses.

My Lifesong said...

So sorry, Lorrie, about everyone sick. Yes, after they all get better, you'll probably come down with it. there'll be no sympathy there! I hope Dad and I won't succomb to it, either.