Thursday, April 22, 2010

First dentist visit

I had all three to the dentist today and I normally wouldn't post about it but it was Sawyer's first trip to the dentist! This kid makes my life so easy-he was such a big boy and so brave. He wasn't scared at all and talked to the hygienist as well as the dentist. *Warning-mother brag moment* Dr. Gardner said he was the poster child for first visits (:

They let him watch Jonnie's cleaning first so he knew exactly what to expect. He kept asking when it was his turn. Oh, and she said Jonnie's teeth looked great and he had NO cavities!! Yay!

Finally his turn and he thought the chair going up and down was pretty cool.

Listening closely to what she was telling him.

Counting his teeth.

Time to clean and polish. He was still cool and calm-I really think it helps that they have a tv on the ceiling and he was able to watch a video about dogs getting their teeth cleaned.

Time to see the dentist. He really liked him and since he was doing so well they put floride on his teeth, too.

All done and has pearly white teeth! It couldn't have gone any better.

Alaina didn't have cavities either, but needs to see the orthodontist. I knew it was coming. She goes on June 7th for her first consult. Time to seriously start saving for those braces!


Peace is every step said...

What a cutie! Neves has her first next month! We'll be revisiting your page as we prepare :).

Lorrie said...

Glad I can help (: