Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Eve

The Gorts came over today for our annual egg dying. As you can see Aidan has new spectacles, Nevie is looking older and they have a new addition, Liam, joining us this year! It was fun as always having them over.

Here they are just starting out and figuring out which color to begin with. There was 10 colors, so no shortage there.

Sawyer and Nevie. Yeah, I didn't brush his hair today...I can't think of everything.
The three serious in their eyeglasses.
And here's Liam. He's gotten so big! And still so adorable. I got to watch him for a little over an hour while Danielle ran to the store and he treated me like her (all snugly and wouldn't let anyone else hold him)-I LOVED IT! I still got the touch and had him napping in my arms shortly after she left. He was so cozy, I almost fell asleep rocking him.

Still at it. I love Nevie's face here.
Counting all his eggs.

Eggs were then turned into monsters. They turned out pretty cute.
A close up and also a close up of one tired boy. After the Gort's left, he just sat in my arms for over an hour-he was exhausted!
He had a little trouble falling asleep tonight because he was scared the Easter bunny was going to be walking around the house and maybe coming into his room. I told him not to worry and that it really wasn't a bunny coming into his home. So then he asks if it is just a costume and honestly, that is creepier than a real bunny coming in. What a weird tradition we have created for our children. I am all for traditions and making holidays fun, but not at the expense of the kids' fears. I didn't feel right telling him a made up story to make him feel better and I couldn't come up with one that wouldn't sound weird, so I said mommy and daddy dress up like the Easter bunny and bring you candy. He smiled and hugged me, then rolled over and went to sleep. All was better in his world.

Happy Easter everyone. Hope everyone has a great day!


Maja said...

I'm still giggling about Sawyer and the Easter Bunny... I think your response was perfect. It IS such a weird tradition, and there is no back story like there is with Santa. Luci asked me tonight where the Easter Bunny lives, and all I could come up with was "in a cottage in the forest." I really should think about these things before hand so I'm not caught off guard.

I LOVE the picture of the 3 cousins in their glasses. I think that's the first I've seen of Aidan in his... adorable. I can't believe how big Liam looks, either!

Miss you guys.

Lorrie said...

We miss you, too! In fact Sawyer even asked if Luci was coming over that day to dye eggs, too. So cute.

I totally envision the easter bunny living in a cottage in the forest, so that was the perfect answer to that one (: It was funny because the next morning Sawyer asked how fast is the easter bunny to go to everyones house. And once again-stumped. I just said he is like a robot and can go super speed-that was more for his enjoyment than any real knowledge or thought going into it! It's hard being the parents to such smart, inquisitive kids isn't it?! I don't think I ever questioned anything....I just believed what I was told-hahaha (:

My Lifesong said...

I like how you handled Sawyer's questions about the EB. No way you want them to have fears about it. Silly tradition, not sure how it even got started. Noticed Aidan's glasses..when did he get them. I didn't see them on him @ Easter.