Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stripes be gone.....

Well, I finally did it! I finally got the boys room painted after talking about doing it for a number of years. Alaina was home "sick" that day and she ended up helping me paint, which helped a lot and she is a pretty good painter. I will have to keep that in mind when painting other rooms.

The colors we chose are cream, greenish brown, and..
orange. I love the orange accent wall and it ties all the colors of the bedding and curtains together.

We used to have a ton of books on the shelf, but I refuse to put them back up there. So, we are in search of a bookshelf for the corner. I also ordered some more storage bins (like the orange one) to put more of their stuff in. I am also in search of some wall art.
The boys wanted army bedding, so I was excited when I found this set. They are reversible and the other side looks like the curtains. I am not sure they will ever want to reverse them though...
They both LOVE their bunk beds. Sawyer loved his until the first night when he realized it is pretty dark under there and the hall light didn't reach him. After that first night though he loves it and he even sleeps in his bed all night (well, some nights). So that is a step in the right direction!

And now Alaina wants her room redone. Maybe if I start talking about it now, I will do it in the next couple years.


Anonymous said...

Very cute Lorrie. Great job painting. I'm sure the boys love it!


Lorrie said...

Excuuuuuuse ME! MOM, I was too sick! You are so so so so so mean!

Peace is every step said...

Looks great! Love the camo bedding :).

My Lifesong said...

I love the room-the beds, the colors, the neatness. Poor Alaina, making her paint when she was too sick! Great job painting!