Thursday, March 4, 2010


Jonnie had a special part at his songfest this year. He was closing out the show with a dance and the best part (his words) is he gets to dance with his girlfriend Ingrid. Yes, the boy has a girlfriend. It is adorable. She is adorable. They even sat together in the bleachers when singing and they were talking and laughing together the whole time. I guess that means they haven't reached the age where having a girlfriend means you no longer talk to her. The days when we called it "going together." Ahhhh, young love. I may have it bad with this one-he loves the ladies and they have been loving him since kindergarten!!

Here they are and in order to get the lighting to work out I had to use the nighttime setting on my camera and for some reason that meant blurry pictures. It's the best I could do.

And here is my first attempt to put on a video. Even though it is only about 3 seconds it gives you a better picture of it. Enjoy!

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My Lifesong said...

Your pictures of the songfest came out pretty good for all the people there, and as we were up so high. Wished the video was a little longer, but you captured the dance beautifully.