Saturday, March 20, 2010

Back to the 50's

Today Jonnie was invited to a sock hop by the aforementioned Ingrid. It was her 9th Birthday party. 50's attire required. This was the best I could do. I would have loved to have had a letter jacket or sweater for him to wear, but I think this was just fine for the occasion. We even ran to the store to see if they still sell candy cigarettes to roll in his sleeve but they didn't have any. Oh well, Jonnie was very excited to go dancing (:

Here he is with his friend Zach. I laughed because the boys that were there all had on jeans and white t-shirts. I guess all us parents thought alike on this one!

Here are the party goers dancing and hula hooping to the oldies. I wanted to stay so bad and join in the fun! What a great party idea. I am in love with this girl Ingrid-she loves reading and dancing-my kind of girl. We bought her a book for her birthday and she told Jonnie it was her favorite gift (:
She's the one in the blue poodle skirt.
I watched them dance a little before I left and no one was embarrassed at all...still carefree in their youth and danced and ran around-so fun!

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My Lifesong said...

Coool, Jonnie! Hope you had tons of fun!