Thursday, April 15, 2010


The last few days I have not had a camera and after searching everywhere, I immediately blamed the kids. After they all denied over and over they had no idea where it was and none of them had used it, I finally found it under the couch-clue #1?

Clue #2-There was some evidence found when I looked at the pictures on the camera.

Clue #3-looks like spider man is involved somehow.

Clue #4-there were a lot of pictures of this guy-I mean A LOT.

Clue #5-Lots of out of focus, hilarious pictures such as this one.

I think I have solved the mystery of who had my camera, have you?


Anonymous said...

The feet are kind of a giveaway, could it be Sawyer? He is always full of it!!! And he loves Dex, and Spiderman! Good investigating Lorrie!


My Lifesong said...

Aha! I agree with Melanie. The feet, spiderman costume, Dex? Hmmm, no other than Sawyer. Nicely deducted, Lorrie.

Anonymous said...

This is just too funny! What a little character.