Friday, May 7, 2010

Things overheard at Sawyer's pre-school screening today...

When asked to jump over tape on the floor:

Sawyer: "Sometimes I turn into Hulk and I can jump as high as this building!"

Lady laughing: "Wow, then you will have no problem with this tape."

Sawyer: "No, this is easy."


Lady: "Brother is a boy and sister is......"

Sawyer: "Alaina"

Lady: "Brother is a boy and sister is a..."

Sawyer: "My sister's name is Alaina"

Lady: "Is your sister a boy?"

Sawyer: "no"

Lady: "What is she"

Sawyer: "my sister" (by this time I am trying so hard not to laugh in the next room)

Lady: "but is she a boy?"

Sawyer: "No, she's a girl!" (Finally!! Whew!)


Lady: "A bird flies and a fish...."

Sawyer: "A Bird flies down and eats the fish in the ocean"

Lady: "If a bird flies, then a fish does what?"

Sawyer: "He gets eaten because the bird swoops down and catches him under water and eats him."

Lady: "A bird flies in the sky. How does a fish move in the water?"

Sawyer: "His tail goes like this (he must have moved his hands in a swishing motion)

Lady: "What is he doing?"

Sawyer: "Swimming" (Yes!! and secretly proud of our Discovery channel watching)


Showed him a button and asked what is was:

Sawyer: "It's a glue down thing"

Lady: "A glue down thing?"

Sawyer: "Yeah, you glue it down on things like plates and popsicle sticks.

Lady: "do you know what it's called?"

Sawyer: "A glue down thing" (and she was done-Later when I asked him what it was he said "a button" as if I was dumb-hahaha! I guess crafting is the only thing we do with buttons.)

When stacking blocks and making patterns:

Sawyer: " I feel workish"

Lady: "You feel workish?"

Sawyer: "yeah, I like to work on things"


After getting weighed he asked a complete stranger walking by, "I'm getting really taller aren't I?"

And many more I will remember after I post this-what a funny kid!

So if your wondering, he passed with flying colors and only got the button question wrong on his assessment (: He was Mr. Social and talked with everyone with lots of animation. I guess he is ready for pre-school!


Anonymous said...

I am laughing out loud!!! Too funny! I wish I could have the job of preschool screener. I bet they hear all kinds of funny things!


Anonymous said...

That is the best, Karen told me to make sure and read this, so cute! I too want that ladies job:) How did she ever keep a straight face.

My Lifesong said...

He has such a great imagination! I hope the screener doesn't expect only one answer to her questions. I really like his better.

Peace is every step said...

That is the cutest post I've ever written!! I can just see him with his little chest puffed out. :)