Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm the Bomb!


You are a wonderful mom

To me, you are the Bomb

You know just what to do

When I am feeling blue

You out rule the rest

To me you are the BEST!!!!

Happy Mother's Day!

Love Alaina

I am a lucky lady with three of the most wonderful kids around. I had a wonderful Mother's Day and it is all because I have the joy of being a mother to them-I am so blessed and I see and feel that every day.

My morning started out with all three standing over me, staring, waiting for me to wake up. I didn't know whether to scream or laugh at first! Then the sweetness began. Saywer was first and handed me a card he made. It was filled with a story for me with all his "letters." So adorable. Jonnie was next and he made me a very pretty bracelet and an awesome card-that boy can really draw!! And then Alaina. She made me a bouquet of origami flowers and the sweetest sculpture of a mom holding a baby made out of play-do. Then Jon brought in a Lily plant to put in my flower garden-Yay! They always bring me to tears!

We headed over to my in-laws for brunch later that morning and it was delicious! My mom and dad came over that afternoon for dessert and coffee which I must admit was also delicious.

Thanks again family~I love you all.

(sorry no pictures-trouble up-loading but wanted to post this before Father's day!)

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