Monday, October 13, 2008

A week in the life of me: Monday

O.K. since my sisters and sis-in-law have done this and I LOVED reading about their days, I have decided to share what I do in a day-my goal is to do it for a week, but we'll see.....Hope you are not completely bored!

I woke up at 6:30 to the sound of what I can only describe as a monkey screeching my name. Yes, it was Sawyer waking me up 15 minutes before I had to get up for the day. I snuggled him in between Jon and I for a few heavenly extra minutes. His hands still go directly to my hair and he snuggles in. Fifteen minutes later I have to force myself out of bed and Sawyer's warm little body-it is raining this morning and it is still dark in my room. It is very hard. Sawyer on the other hand pops right out of bed as happy as can be. He runs into Alaina's room and in a high pitched voice tells her to get up, time for school. I guess he has heard me do that a time or two (: She also pops right out of bed-they do not take after me. I go down and wake up Jonnie and make sure they all have clothes picked out and that they are matching. They have a routine in place and pretty much do everything themselves. Alaina and Jonnie do not like to eat in the mornings no matter what I do. I have tried to make warm breakfasts or smoothies for them, but they only take one bite or sip and it is all wasted. So, needless to say they just have a bowl of cereal or toast if they decide. They do eat breakfast in school, but it is hard for me to send them out the door without a good breakfast.Just before the bus comes, Jonnie reminds me that it is Pastries for Parents this morning at school. I completely forgot and am still in my pajamas. This is at 7:20 and the pastries for parents goes from 7:30-8:15. He begs me to try and make it and I tell him I will do my best. I can shower and get ready in about 40 minutes, but 20 is pushing it for me. I rush upstairs, wake Jon up and feel a little guilty since Mondays are the only mornings he can sleep in. Hand Sawyer off to him and make a mad rush for the shower. I honestly go as fast as I can and am very stressed-I do not want to let Jonnie down........ Luckily on Mondays Sawyer stays with daddy while I work, so it is nice that I can just get out the door and not worry about getting him ready.

I usually take toast, a banana, and tea with me to work, but since I am going to eat a donut, there will be no toast. I was so behind that I just threw a tea bag and some sugar in my mug because I didn't have time to heat the water-it will have to wait until I get to work....I have also started taking a vitamin as there have been a lot of sick students and teachers. I get very nauseous for about 15 minutes after taking it, but well worth it (:

It is very wet and rainy during my drive in and makes everything dreary, just what I need on a Monday.Unfortunately I arrive to Jonnie's school at 8:10 and they were putting away all the pastries already. I ran to Jonnie's room so he knew I came and tried my best to get there. The minute he saw me, I knew I probably shouldn't have come. He was trying so hard to hold back his tears so we went in the hall. I felt like complete crap.....He became so worked up that he convinced himself he was going to throw up, so into the bathroom he goes. After quite awhile, he finally calms down and is able to go back into his room. His teacher said the 1st and 3rd graders are doing it tomorrow with their parents and that I could come back tomorrow and have pastries with him. He was happy with that. I think he sat there looking for me and realized I wasn't coming and then there I was and all the emotions came flooding out. I left feeling like a loser mom and vow to make it up to him.

I do not need to be at work until 9:00, so I decide to go to Good Will and drop off the many boxes I had after cleaning out our basement yesterday. I found out Good Will doesn't open until 9:00.

At this point I am hungry since I didn't get any donuts, so I decide to get a muffin and tea from Caribou Coffee. It is right by where I work and it just so happens it is my dad's first day working there. I thought maybe I would see him and say good morning. He wasn't at the window, but I saw him sitting at a table. He looked like he was doing paperwork and I didn't want to bug him-yet.So, here is where I work. I work 9-1 and honestly cram a full days work into 4 hours. My brain is so full some days when I leave, but it is nice that once I leave I don't have to think about it again until the next day (: I have started doing school visits this year and I love it. I get to meet with our students teachers at their school and talk about them and what we are working on, etc. I love getting back into the schools and talking with teachers about education!Here is where I spend most of my time writing up lesson plans, etc.

Today, I was only in the center until 11:00 and then I was on school visits until about 1:30. It was still raining and dreary, but I am in a better mood and the fall colors always put a smile on my face even though it was raining.After my school visits, I headed home to pick up Sawyer. Jon works tonight and he needs to get a nap in. So, I grabbed Sawyer, a granola bar and string cheese and head out the door again to get groceries. I am in a rush again because I have to get full groceries before I have to get Alaina from school at 2:40. I usually get them on Sunday, but we spent the day cleaning out the basement.....Anyway, we are off and I am happy to have my little partner with me (:
After getting groceries, I opened up my car and guess what??? I still had all the boxes in there for Good Will-grrrr! So now I have to put the groceries in the back seat where the kids sit....
Sawyer loves the grocery store because he gets a cookie and a sucker every time.
I am ten minutes late getting Alaina-she wasn't expecting to get her picture taken (:
I had no where for Jonnie to sit so I had to quick run to Good Will before I go pick him up. After a long line, I am only 5 minutes late getting Jon.
We are all packed in and ready to head home.I was hoping Sawyer would fall asleep in the car, but no luck. He wanted to be rocked and within 2 minutes he was sleeping.....I love these moments and I know they don't last ):
Now, it is time for Dex. He and I take a walk everyday for about 1 mile. He has come to expect it and I love it-especially this time of year. Not sure how it is going to go in the winter. I will do it for as long as I can stand the cold weather.....After exercising the dog, it is time to exercise me! I have been using my Elliptical trainer for at least 4 days a week for 30 minutes. I have seen some results, but the biggest change is my energy levels during the day. It has been great. After my mom's heart scare this summer, I am determined to keep this up.Here is Alaina and Jonnie cleaning out the dishwasher....For supper tonight, I am making Chicken Alfredo the easy way (: Also, Ciabatta garlic bread which is so delicious. I am starving at this point since I didn't really get to eat a good lunch. I plan to eat ALOT! And I do.....(:
After we eat the kids and I have jobs we do around the house. Mostly every other day, but sometimes every day depending on messes. Alaina sweeps the kitchen and Jonnie wet swiffer mops when she is done.
I vacuum just about every day and today I have to add the couch to my areas to vacuum since the dog has been sneaking on there when we are gone. We got used to not having dog hair around, so I am determined to keep it that way. The kids and Jon also brush Dex a few time a week, so that helps , too.I also do one load of laundry a day. Not overwhelming and it keeps me on top of all the clothes. Sawyer is my helper here.
About 6:15 daddy leaves for work. This is an emotional time for Sawyer because he doesn't ever want him to go. He usually begs to go with him. They usually do a three way hug, but Alaina was practicing her cello and hugged him separately (: He is a loved daddy!
After Jon leaves, the kids start their homework. I love this time of day because it is quiet and I love to see what they are working on and help where needed (:
After going through back packs, and picking out clothes for tomorrow my show is on! Yes, I still watch and love Dancing with the Stars. It is a great season this year!
In between dances, I give the boys a bath, give them a bed time snack, brush their teeth, read books and tuck them into bed. Well, the oldest two anyway.

Sawyer had other plans tonight and going to bed wasn't in them. We read about 20 books-no lie and rocked and rocked. When I would finally lay him down he would scream his lungs out. He shares a room with Jonnie, so I can't leave him in there to scream for too long and keep Jonnie awake. It was very trying. He finally fell asleep at 10:15. He is at a tricky age in that if he doesn't get a nap then he is a bear by 5:00. If he does get a nap and sleeps too late, then he doesn't go to bed at night. Tomorrow I will have to have him nap by 1:00 if it works out (:

I ended my day with a cup of tea. This is usually a wonderfully relaxing time for me, but since Sawyer was up and crying, I just sipped my tea in between rocking him....It is now 11:30 and this is taking me a lot longer to type than I thought it would (:
I just checked my calendar to make sure I don't forget anything tomorrow morning......I have the kids' conferences after school and I can't forget to be at Jonnie's school early for donuts-he would never forgive me then. Goodnight!


Peace is every step said...

AH! I commented on this already, but it didn't work.

Your Jonnie experience this morning shines light on the women in our family's disease of going by the seat of our pants. I think it's generally a good way to go, but with balance. We're all learning as we go. Next time throw your hair up in a ponytail :) XOXOXO I've been guilty more than my fair share.

I love seeing where you work (and your workout machinery). I love that this "day in the life" really sheds light on what we are all putting our energy towards. It's been a big help for me to think about how to rework some of that energy towards other areas.

Keep it up! I bonked at day 4.

Chris said...

I, too, gave up after day 4. It just takes so long to blog every day...and those days that I forget my camera I have a hard time blogging about 'cause even I get bored.
Lorrie--sorry, but I had to laugh at your forgetful self. I don't think I ever made it to Pastries mornings. Jonnie is just not the kid you can forget pastries I feel for you, and Jonnie. :) Believe me, I know the loser Mom feeling well.
Your day is exhausting, and I love hearing about every detail. It makes me miss you a little less.
I'm proud of your exercise routine, too. I have to get into one of those pretty soon. Our heart history is just too scary.

Keep up the pics and blogs!

Lorrie said...

I thought about throwing my hair back, but I had to go on school visits and wanted a better look (:
How was your weekend by the way?

Julie B said...

I love reading about your day!

Poor Jonnie-it made me sad thinking about all those emotions he must have been feeling..brought back memories of when I was younger...

great job on the exercise routine..I am jealous! I need to find the time to work out, I know it would help with my energy level which is non these days :

So I took photos of my days last week, now I have to find the time to write it all out :)

Peace is every step said...

Weekend was AWESOME. Honeymoon city, sisters. I'll have to call you soon & catch up! Weekends have been crazy. This week, even crazier as Bridgette finally had her baby after 48 FREAKING HOURS OF LABOR! She successfully had her VBAC though & is on cloud nine. We've had Nolan the entire time, plus I stayed with her last night since Matt was spent. OK I guess I don't need to call you know after all that jazz. :)

Lorrie said...

You didn't say what she had?!?! Boy, Girl? Name? Wow, 48 hours...poor girl-I am glad she had her VBAC (:

Maja said...

YAY! I didn't even realize you had posted these. I really love reading about your days, too! I'm the worst... I gave up after day 1! I figured out that my burning eyes felt a lot better when I had a weekend away from staring at a computer screen, so I've not been on the computer as much. You're right, typing out a WHOLE day takes time! Can't wait to hear about the rest of your week. :)

Peace is every step said...

BOY! 9#7oz. No name yet. ADORABLE.