Saturday, October 18, 2008

A week in the life of me: Friday

Alaina had a fun day at Enterprising Kids. Her and the girls all learned many great lessons having there own business and seeing what some of the other kids were doing. They were already talking about what they would do differently and what they would like to do next year.
Some of the things they were saying were:
- Make a product that people will buy (:
-Make there prices lower than their competition.
-Make something out of candy (that was a big hit).
-Make something no one else has.
-Do it on Saturday instead of Friday as more people will be in the mall.

They also learned some marketing skills as well. They made a sign for Jonnie to wear on his chest and back that said "Buy bracelets from Knots Corporation" and had him walk up and down the mall (they paid him a dollar) and lowered there prices throughout the day. I was very proud of them and what they were coming up with.

Here they are waiting for their customers.

Here are two of their customers. Thanks for coming mom and dad! Grandma Karen and Melanie and Hunter came to support her as well.
The boys were good for the most part-well if you ignore all the begging and whining for food every 15 minutes, they were great! It wore Sawyer out and he slept the rest of the afternoon.

They love each other so much (:

Walking Billboard

They spelled their business name out of bracelets-clever girls!
The girls also learned a lesson in money. I tried not to intervene in this whole process, but it was really hard when I kept seeing them all dip into the profits to buy ice cream or pop or run into Claires (we were right in front of the store), but I didn't say a word. At the end they divided the profits and they each made $5 which was all spent at Claires (:

That evening we went and had pizza and a bowling party with our friends from church. We had a lot of fun and Sawyer had a blast! He loved watching the ball hit the pins. Here are a few pictures of the fun.

~Hope everyone has a great weekend~


Chris said...

I'm glad Alaina and friends had such a great learning experience. I, also, loved seeing Mom and Dad there. :)
The bowling party looks like it was a fun time. It was nice seeing a picture of Heidi, too.

My Lifesong said...

I'm glad Alaina had a good time selling her wares her first time doing it. It's good to review what might work better for the next time, but am glad she made some money for all her efforts. Tell her I love the bracelets I got. Happy to see all had fun bowling, esp. Sawyer.

Maja said...

Oh my gosh! Sawyer's hair! I can't believe his little curly mop now! Soooo cute! Sounds like the girls did great. Yay Alaina!

Julie B said...

it sounds like they had a good time! Is this something they do through school? I love the idea!
I loved seeing all the pictures! The bowling ones made me giggle-everyone seemed SO excited about their games :) Ok, maybe it isn't quite so funny, I am just overly tired at the moment... :)