Friday, October 3, 2008

A Beautiful Fall Day

We took a hike today after school,

a beautiful fall afternoon no agenda, no rule.

Through the paths of trees not yet turned,

to talk about our day and what we have learned.

Looking adoringly at those we love,

and taking in the beauty from water to sky above.

Pausing to rest and the occasional pose,

to chasing and keeping those darn squirrels on their toes.

Watching them run, laugh, play, and explore,

on this beautiful fall day is what I adore.


Peace is every step said...

So sweet! I think I'll do just that today with my own. :)

Maja said...

Love it! Great pictures. Your kids are all so beautiful. I love this time of year...

Anonymous said...

That was absolute perfection, it just doesn't get any better.
Love, Sandy

Chris said...

Awww..what a great post. I didn't know you were a poet! I loved it! :)
I wish I was along for that hike. I miss our walks.
The kids look great. I love the one where Jonnie is holding Sawyer and Sawyer's hand is in Jonnie's hair. So precious.

Following Forward said...

I LOVED this! What fun!! I wish I was there in Minnesota to experience fall with you!

oh- and I love your new photo on your header. Amazing!

Julie B said...

what a great happy post! and what a beautiful day! We had a great fall day here today and I tried to take Mara hiking but she wanted to eat instead ("I TARVIN"!!) I was so sad...