Thursday, October 16, 2008

A week in the life of me: Thursday

Today was a good day.

I did the usual morning things.

Sawyer has a runny nose but that is the extent of it.

Work was busy and I worked with a 10th grader and a ninth grader-both great teens (:

Got home and Alaina and Jonnie did great on their own again. It is really nice that I can leave them for a little while and know they will do fine.

The boys and I played outside in the leaves when I got home. It was a beautiful crisp fall day-perfect for making leaf piles!

Where's Jonnie?

He is such a little worker.

After that Sawyer and I collected some pretty leaves. I let him glue them on wax paper and he was concentrating so hard-notice the tongue.

Using a glue stick is the best part.

His masterpiece.

For supper I made chicken enchiladas. I make these a lot, but this time I used a different recipe. they were tasty, but I like the old way better. I realize everything I make seems to have a lot of gooey cheese.....I justify it by exercising (:

Usually when we are cleaning up after supper, Sawyer plays in the cabinets and pretends to cook. Tonight he dropped a glass bowl and I am sad because it is the one that fits on my mixer ):
I hope I cleaned it all up.

The rest of the night consisted of exercise, watching Grey's Anatomy (Is it me or is anyone else having trouble getting into the show this year?), and getting Alaina ready for tomorrow. She is doing enterprising kids at the mall from 10-2. She has to be there at 9 to register and find her table, etc. I am the only mother who is able to come out of her friends and I have to pick up all three girls...I am trying to stay positive about it all, but staying at the mall for 5 hours (I am not comfortable leaving them there alone) with Jonnie and Sawyer makes me worried. And you all know I much I love the mall.... I am just venting here, but staying positive for Alaina-she is very excited and I want it to be a good experience for her. She basically has done it all, but I am going to keep my mouth shut when it comes to dividing up the money-it is her thing, but it is really hard. OK, I am done venting (: Until tomorrow, maybe...

I fell asleep watching my new favorite show-Life on Mars-so I must be really tired tonight.


Chris said...

That's too bad about the mixing bowl. I wonder if the company will replace it. You could check on-line.
Sawyer's masterpiece is beautiful! I love the different color leaves. The only trees that change color here are the aspens. They are beautiful, but I long for some reds!
Yes, I'm having a hard time getting into Grey's. I actually watched The Office (taped) during Grey's. That's how much I can't get into it. Have you seen the show 'Kim and Kath'? (I think that's the name) I get the giggles every time I watch it. It's so funny.
I hope Alaina does well this weekend. It'll be hard for her to divide the money, too, knowing that she did it all. Let us know how it goes.

Julie B said...

I can't wait to hear about how today went! That would be hard to keep your mouth shut when you see how hard she has worked...I hope it went well.

Sawyer looks so cute doing his project! I can't wait for Fall to be here for good. It was in the high 80s a few days ago, and then 60s today. So odd.