Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A week in the life of me: Wednesday

Today, I guess you can say I was up the first time at 12:45 am. Sawyer was up coughing and my kids' have never had croup but it sure sounded barky like a seal. I brought him to bed with me and he fell right back to sleep with no coughing the rest of the night. He is starting to get a little cold and I hope it doesn't develop into something more. I was happy to have him snuggle next to me as I haven't turned on our heat yet and it was chilly in the house (:

It was heaven sleeping in until 7:30 and surprisingly Sawyer slept until 7:45. The kids are on vacation today and I still have to go to work. So for the first time they are staying home by themselves, well not technically since Jon will be home sleeping, so he is there if emergencies arise (: Sawyer, I should mention is still going to Sherri's house-I would not leave him alone with a 8 and 10 year old. I had one thing for them to do and that was to get dressed and clean up if they eat anything. Hope it all goes well!

Anyway, I am going to make today's post brief as I don't have it in me tonight to write out everything-I will just do the highlights, also I forgot to grab my camera today.

Work was great! I met the most interesting 8th grade boy and he was so fun to work with today. There is not many times I would say that-haha. I probably liked him so much because he laughed at all my attempted jokes and we kind of had the same sense of humor. So long story short he is a very bright kid and I had a great morning (: I left work around 12:30 for a school visit just a few minutes away. It went well and I knew the teacher so it was fun just talking to him. I left work smiling today (:

After picking up Sawyer, we headed home and found that the older two survived-they were even dressed! I don't think they left the t.v. or computer the whole time but that's ok as long as they are fine. I loved being home for the day at 1:30 and didn't have to worry about getting the kids later at school.

We took our usual walk with Sawyer (he refused a nap again :)) and Jonnie. Jonnie rode his scooter and held Dex at the same time so Dex was pulling him along. What is with boys and having to scream at the top of their lungs when fresh air is involved? Sawyer was copying all Jonnie's joyous noises and I am sure you could hear us all across town!

I actually didn't do a whole lot this afternoon-read part of my book, worked with Dex a little (hid a treat in Kong toy but he gave up at one failed attempt-he doesn't like to work too hard), helped Alaina make signs for her business this Friday and that is about it.

For supper tonight I made crock pot lasagna.......It was delicious and everyone had two helpings-It was so easy to make and baked all afternoon, I will have to post the recipe if anyone is interested. Jon said it was even better than my famous lasagna, but I think he is stretching it a little.

Tonight I really tried to watched the debates, but I just couldn't.....I have watched all the others, I know who I am voting for, so I didn't really want to hear the same things over and over......

Instead I played a mean game of UNO with the kids. Oh, I have to quick mention that Sawyer was in bed at 7:00 tonight!! Heaven....... Alaina was the big winner. I always win when we have played before, they are finally getting old enough to know the strategies and I lost big time (:

I am now off to bed...Tomorrow I have to assess two students so it is going to be extra busy at work. At least it will go fast and then I have 3 days off-woot woot-can't wait. Until tomorrow....


Chris said...

Oh I hope Sawyer isn't getting croup. My boys always seemed to get it when they were younger. Ashley still gets is sometimes. If he wakes up again with a bad, barky cough, stick him in a steamy bathroom for 15-20 min. then immediatly take him outside into the cold air. It really does work. Poor baby. I know you didn't ask for advice on croup....I just can't help myself. :) I hope he's not getting sick.
I knew Lainie and Jonnie would be fine. She's such a responsible girl. I really hope her business does well this weekend. Make sure you post pics!
Dex sure does sound like my kind of dog!

Lorrie said...

Thanks for the advice! I always think of you when I hear that barking cough. He is not coughing like that anymore, so I hope that was the end of it. He does have a cold, though ):

Julie B said...

sounds like a good day! I hope sawyer continues to do better. Rose is sick AGAIN..I am starting to wonder if its the same virus that never really went away. Poor girl!

I couldn't watch the debates too much mid has been made up for awhile now. Is there really any other choice? O let's pray we don't have the same fiasco as we did 4 years ago! I wonder if those same gloaters are still gloating after what a horrible job he did! Ugh...
anyway, I don't have it in me to write out tonight so maybe tomorrow :)