Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A week in the life of me: Tuesday

This morning I was up at 6:25 and jumped in the shower before Sawyer woke up. He hates when I take a shower right away when he gets up.....he loves the snuggle time. Anyway, we were all up and ready before 7:30. I had my tea made and everything (: Out the door we go.......

We made it to the pastry event and Jonnie loved having his little brother there and me. I love how he just wanted to sit by us and not by some of his friends (: Sawyer loved being at Jonnie's school, too.
Here are my handsome boys enjoying some cinnamon pastries. It was sweet when we walked Jonnie to his classroom, he showed Sawyer off to all his friends and then as we were leaving he gave me a big hug and said "I love you." I love that he is not embarrassed yet to do that in front of his friends-I think I made up for the no show yesterday (:
I still had time to kill so Sawyer and I went to Menards and browsed new tubs and vanities and dreamt about someday remodeling my house.....sigh...

I dropped off Sawyer at Sherri's house and he now walks right in, hugs me, and goes off to play. It is going great there and he enjoys playing with his friends (:

Work went fast today. I was at the center all day and frantically got to work as I am testing an 8th grader tomorrow who is failing everything. Could be interesting and the testing usually takes over 3 hours, so I had to get everything done today that I normally would do tomorrow. Anyway, it went fast and for that I am grateful! It was so beautiful when I left work. Sunny and 60 degrees-perfect!When I picked up Sawyer he was giggly and happy to see me, but shortly after I buckled him in he turned on me and screamed, "NO SEE ME!" He was obviously tired beyond reasoning so I drove home in hopes of putting him right to bed. He fell asleep right when we got home but for some reason woke up after only 5 minutes! I am not sure what is up with him and sleeping lately. I am not going to fight him on it and hope this means he will be in bed early tonight.

Can you guess what Dex is waiting for?
Come on mom, let's go!!

Since Sawyer didn't sleep he joined us on our walk today and Dex hopes he stays home next time! He was so sloooow and had to walk in all the crunchy leaves (: Dex couldn't figure out why we were stopping all the time.
After our walk it was time to pick the kids up from school and to my relief, Jon woke up early and wanted to keep Sawyer and take him to the farm. I was relieved because I have the kids' conferences after school and I didn't want to deal with a tired toddler. I usually schedule conferences in the early evening so Jon can join us, but this time I just thought it would be easier to do it while I was still in town and not have to make an extra trip later in the day.

Jonnie's conference was first and it went very well. He is excelling in everything especially math and I am so proud! I really do like his teacher and found out Jonnie was getting in trouble for talking to his friends, alot (: He just really hated being talked to by the teacher and she said it is much better now. He says things are better now, too and he likes his teacher. She just loves him and thinks he is a great kid. This just reaffirms my suspicion that Jonnie was exaggerating things just a bit (:

I had about 20 minutes to spare in between conferences, so we played at the park at Alaina's school. She is quite talented on the parallel bars. I keep telling her she should be in gymnastics.

Alaina's conference was wonderful, too-not that I really doubted it would be. She is excelling in everything especially reading/writing and her teacher was so impressed with her stories. I love her teacher and can't say it enough. She told me she thinks Alaina is really going to go far in life and she just has a gift-I always get teary when I hear things like that about my kids-I hope she didn't think I was a crazy lady (: I am so proud of her!

By now it is almost 5, so a hot, ready meal is in our future tonight........I'm lovin it (:

The kids are officially on MEA break for the rest of the week. YAY! I feel like I am on vacation, too and forget I still have to work tomorrow. It is a very relaxed house tonight, no homework, no cello, no baths, just fun!

I have been researching German Shepards lately to learn more on how to help Dex with his neurotic tail chasing. I read that Shepards need at least 2 (preferably 3) hours of exercise or jobs that activate there minds as well as bodies a day. He is definitely not getting that, so today I bought him a toy in hopes he will catch it or chase it or at least chew that over his tail. He had no idea what to do with it and I kept throwing it in his face (:

We finally got him to pounce on it once, but only once.... This picture really makes me want to finally tear up our disgusting carpet-I am holding out for hardwood floors.

We spent a lot of time outside trying to teach Dex how to play with his new toy. No luck.

What am I supposed to do again?

We finally just took him to the park to run around. He loves looking for squirrels, I should have bought I squirrel toy. Next time, I guess.

I got in my sweats after this as it is getting quite chilly out. I spent the rest of the evening vegging out with the kids and playing with Dex. We worked on "stay" and he is so good it is just adorable to see him sit there patiently until I say "come." I also found a "job" for him to do and he loved it. I hid pieces of cheese around the house and he sniffed them out-he is all about the cheese! I am in search of our Kong toy for tomorrow. He is such a smart dog and so darn cute (:

Well, I am off to bed and am excited that I get to sleep in until 7:30! Sweet Dreams!


Chris said...

Awww...your day, and the conferences sound great! Dex is adorable. I have been hearing a lot about Shepards lately. Someone was telling me that their Shepard chews their tail, too. I guess it's very common. They didn't know how to solve it, either, so sorry. :(
Keep the posts coming. Have to go to work myself. Love ya!

Julie B said...

it's funny, I was scared that I was going to read how you missed it again today :) Jonnie looks so happy! I love to hear how affectionate he is with you and Sawyer-hopefully he will never go through that embarrassed stage!

Thats so sweet to hear about the conferences-I think I would get a bit teary-eyed too with all those nice things said!

Dex is just too cute! I love seeing him and his new toy :)

Maja said...

Your days are so full! I don't know how you do it all... I'm glad you made it out on time today! Jonnie is so sweet, and I love the picture of Sawyer walking on the crunchy leaves-- I laughed out loud when I read that. :) So cute. And how awesome to have such stellar students!

allison said...

Dex is soo cute!
I saw the pictures of Sawyer and it made me all sad. I miss him.
I also miss grass. Hehe.

Lorrie said...

We all miss you, too Allison! I need to hear updates on your life (: I will send you some pictures of grass...(: