Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Farm Boys

Here are my boys getting ready to go help on the farm. Can you tell Sawyer loves to go to the farm? His face here is so precious.

It is fun to see the three of them together.

One of the best parts for Sawyer is riding in daddy's 1973 pick-up.

Off they go....I am sure I will have combine pictures this weekend......I know you have all been waiting for them.....(:


Chris said...

OH MY GOSH LORRIE! Sawyer's face is so precious in that first picture! What a doll! I think you have two future farmers on your hands. :)
I don't know about everyone else, but I can't wait to see the combine pictures.

Peace is every step said...

LOVE IT! I remember growing up, having farm time with my now cousin-in-law (weird.) and dressing just like your boys. Such happy memories of the simplicity of warm clothes combined with a barn and lots of hay. And horses, in my case :).