Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Sawyer!

Six years ago at 3:30 am, my sweet little boy was born.
 You really were the cutest, most perfect baby and it was love at first sight.
 You were quiet and curious about everything around you and you were so cuddly, I just held you in my arms all day. 
 Your smile lit up the room. And still does.
 You were silly and captured everyone's attention by just making a goofy face.  Six years later it is the same way and your faces just became goofier (:
 You are always so happy and easy to please. 

 I am so proud of all your accomplishments these days and it is so fun to watch you grow and learn new things.
 You are still that sweet, happy boy and you are everyone's little buddy.
 Happy 6th Birthday, Sawyer
I love you so much!

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