Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kick off to summer

Well, the last day of school is behind us and we are all looking forward to a loooong, hot summer full of fun!  I should post about all the end of school events that we did and all the emotions I went through seeing Jonnie run from his Elementary school for the last time (I actually burst our crying...I know crazy, huh?), or watching Sawyer hug his preschool teachers for the last time and them telling him how much they love him (again tears), or that my oldest had her last day of Middle school and when we went to get ice cream, I had tears running down my face as we talked about her last day ): But I will not... I feel like looking ahead and will focus on positives, like the fact that all three of them are so ready for the next fazes in their life and I will be, too. Someday. I can't even imagine the first day of school next Fall! Ok, I won't even go there for now.

So, to kick off our summer vacay, we met up with the Hillenbrands at Sibley to go Geocaching, but unfortunately, they didn't officially start the program until the following week.  Oh well, we still had a lot of fun just exploring and letting the kids run around.

Julie had two of her nephews with her, as well, so we had a total of 8 kids with us! It didn't really seem like that many, though.

They all play well together and the older ones like helping out with the younger ones.  I can see how having more kids makes life easier sometimes.  Not in cooking or laundry, I'm sure.
It was a beautiful day and in the 70's.  The water was cold, but that didn't stop anyone from going in.

Luke and Jon bring out the "best" in each other. (:

Good times were had by all!
Here's to summer of 2012!

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