Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy 14th Birthday!

Fourteen years ago at 6:09 pm, my beautiful girl entered the world.

(I know, we were pretty awesome)

 I thought you were the most beautiful, precious baby I had ever seen.
 You were always so happy and easy going and you made my job pretty easy.
 And 14 years later, you still do.
 I still can't believe my baby girl turned 14 today and looking back at these pictures I remember thinking how I couldn't imagine what you would be like when you were a teenager.
And now that I know, I couldn't be any prouder of the young lady you are and are growing up to be.  You have been a true joy to me for 14 years.
I love you so much, Alaina.  Happy 14th Birthday.


Anonymous said...

I remember that day well! I think it was around supper time that we got the call. Ryan was out at the farm and we rode in to the hospital on his Harley. Alaina was well spoiled as the first grandchild on the Swanson side, but she never acted spoiled. She is such a smart, sweet girl. Love you Lanie!


Alaina said...

I love u too Mel!

Alaina said...

See, on the second to last picture, you can see the brown spot in my eye. It has definitely grown though :D