Thursday, June 14, 2012

11 Months!

Today my girl turned 11 months.  That is now one month until her big day.  I realized that today I have not slept through the night for 11 months.  In fact, I think she is getting worse.  She knows we are there and only needs to holler until I pick her up and cuddle with her in our bed.  She falls back to sleep soon after getting up, so for that I am grateful, but she is up doing this MANY times a night.  I really think she needs her own room.  She is really sweet and cuddly, so most times I really don't mind.  I want to snuggle her up as long as possible as I know it changes as they grow.
She now pretty much eats whatever we eat and eats just about anything.  There is not much she won't put in her mouth.  Her favorites being anything fruit, fresh fruit of any kind, canned oranges, and she will still eat mashed fruit in oatmeal.  Her favorite veggies are sweet potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, and avacado.  Oh, and she will eat a whole tomato-she loves them.  Strange girl.
Her hair continues to grow and grow and has a nice little wave to it.  I love how it has grown over her ears and sometimes flips up in the back.  It's adorable.
She is getting more social and will now reach out to, wave, and talk to people when we are out and about.  I have to be close by, though as that gives her courage.  She likes most people, but still not a huge fan of being picked up by people she doesn't see every day or at least every week.  She is getting better, much better than those first few months.
She also really likes cats.  We've been volunteering at the Humane Society a couple times a week and Cora just lights up and almost laughs when we enter that cat room.  If they come up to her and touch her, she actually does laugh.  She can also say "titi" (kitty) now.  Dogs she is still a little nervous around.  They always lick her (including her own dog Dex) so she is always waiting for it, plus they bark and she does not care for that.  At all.
"Soooo big" and Peekaboo are her new favorites these days.
And she finally has one top front tooth coming in. Still hard to see but it's there.
Happy 11 months.
Keep growing.
But not too fast.


Alaina said...

Awwww... Notice how all her faces are different? so silly :)

Anonymous said...

She is such a doll and I see some of each of your other kids when I look at her. You do have beautiful children. Love, Sandy