Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dogs are wonderful...

Until they bite ):  My sweet boy was bit today while we were walking dogs at the Humane Society.  I blame myself...I was petting a blue healer when Sawyer came up from behind him and started leaning down to snuggle him (like he does with our Dex) and before I could tell Sawyer to come up to the front so the dog could see him the dog lashed out and bit him.  When I pulled the dog back, he lunged at me and almost bit me, too.  The dog has been super sweet all the other times I have walked him, so he must of gotten scared or something.  I am just mad at myself for not keeping Sawyer protected.
 The worst part is inside his mouth ):  There is a puncture and a long swollen scrape all on the inside of his mouth.  I realize now how much worse it could have been and he could have needed stitches, but it's still so puffy and swollen.
 He is my little dog lover and I really hope that doesn't change.  It will make him more cautious and I guess that is always a good thing when it comes to strange dogs.  They all can't be like Dex who lets Sawyer lay on him and nuzzle him all day long.  Sawyer said the only good dog in the world is his Dex (:
Needless to say, he will not be coming to the Humane Society with us.  Maybe he was too young in the first place?  If he decides to come later on I will only let him walk the little dogs with me or brush the cats (though they can scratch and bite, too!).  It was a wake-up call for us all! My poor boy.


Anonymous said...

That is too bad. You just never know what a dog has been through to make them who they are. Did you tell the staff? They won't put the dog down, will they? Don't get me wrong, I feel bad for Sawyer too! It had to be scary. And painful. Poor kid. So much for doing a good deed!


Lorrie said...

Yeah, we told the staff so they can make sure to chart it. We have to let them know if it becomes infected, etc. I don't think they will put the dog down, but they will put on his adoption papers that he shouldn't go to a home with small children. He really is a sweet dog...I'm still mad at myself that I wasn't more careful.

Anonymous said...

Don't be mad at yourself, those things happen so fast, no matter how careful you are. We have a friend that got bit in the face when he was about Sawyer's age. A neighbor dog that he had played with and spent lots of time with. No one knows why it happened. I hope Sawyer doesn't become afraid. I think it is great that you take time to give the animals at the humane society some attention. Sandy