Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day at the Lake

It was in the 90's this past weekend and what better way to spend a hot day than at the lake!  It was Cora's first time swimming and playing in a lake and she was excited and enjoyed being there. 
 It only took a couple of sand eating attempts for her to realize sand does not taste good and stopped sneaking bites.

 We had my niece Kate with us, too.
 Nothing better than laying in the sun enjoying some snacks is there?

 In other news, Cora started standing by herself this weekend! I was shocked when she stood up next to me and remained standing. Adorable.

 I loved just sitting in the water with her. 
 And staring at her beautiful face.
 Sawyer thought this was AWESOME! He is normally very claustrophobic, but I guess this was ok?

What a perfect afternoon.  We hope to spend many, many days at the lake this summer.

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Alaina said...

hahaha, wats up with kates face on the fourth picture??? and you can tell jonnie is frustrated and yelling at us. SUCH a spaz...