Saturday, October 30, 2010

My entrepenuers

My kids love making money, so any chance they get they are trying to earn it. I love it because they always have money with them to buy gum, etc. that they want and I don't have to buy (:

It was enterprizing kids at the mall again and this year Jonnie decided he wanted his chance to sell. So him and I made candy necklaces-little trains and scarecrows and his business was named "Candy Cravers." Very appropriate for him don't you think? He ended up making around $80, but he had to pay back his suppliers (aka me) and it was a great lesson to learn about how businesses run.

Alaina and her friend Rossy teamed up again this year. They were in a tough location and didn't make as much as usual this year. Their friend Angelica was with them and they all worked so hard. At least they had fun together and learn new things every year. Their store name was "Sweets and Co."

Alaina made over 50 pairs of earrings!!

Also, the day before Halloween the kids sold pumpkins along the highway. They were out there most of the day and made $20 each! Not bad, and I love seeing them work together. They are great friends again when they are out working together!

So proud of these two!

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