Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Well, I am finally getting my Halloween pictures on here. It only took a couple weeks.

Here they are the night before Halloween carving pumpkins. The boys wear gloves and hate touching the "pumpkin guts" and Alaina loves touching and playing in it with her bare hands.

Drawing their designs....

Scraping the guts out....

Starting to cut.....

And here are the finished results...

Halloween this year turned out to be pretty nice. It was in the 40's and no wind or snow, so we were happy.

Here are two of my nephews looking for candy (: Tucker-shark and Levi-giraffe

Here are my boys. Sawyer-spider man (surprise, surprise)and Jonnie-alien

Another nephew, Hunter the cowboy.

Alaina and her friend dressed up as Goth fairies. They had a lot of fun getting dressed up.

Their wings...

Alaina says it's her last year of dressing up, but we'll see. She loves it!

Now onto Thanksgiving!

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