Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jon's Birthday and Sunday School

Here are a few pictures of Jonnie's birthday. On the day before his b-day, we had a little party for him at my in-laws and had cake and opened presents. Then we took him out to El Tapitio for supper. The next day was his official birthday and he brought cupcakes to school and was All-star kid for the week in his class. Which means he was honored everyday of the week with something. Grandma Karen even went in and had lunch with him on Thursday. He finished out the week with a friend party out for pizza and a movie and one of the boys stayed overnight. Pretty great birthday, huh?

Oh, and he even got a hamster! He named her Chelsea. She's pretty sweet.

Also, Sunday School has started up again and I realized I never put my rally pictures on here. We had our Rally Sunday at a nearby lake and played games and had treats. We also had our church service there as well and celebrated Grandparents day with poems and songs throughout. We followed everything with a potluck lunch and swimming for the kids. It was a fun day!

This year I am teaching 2nd and 3rd grade and they are a little more challenging then my easy K and 1st graders last year. Here's to a great Sunday School year!

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