Saturday, October 23, 2010

Amazin Farmyard!

I finally made it to the Amazin Farmyard this year. I've been wanting to check it out for awhile now. We went with my sisters-in-law and their kids and it was a really clean, cute little farm.

We were able to buy bottles of milk to feed to the VERY hungry goats. Goats are always hungry, aren't they? We were also able to buy food to feed them and with all the people there throughout the day, I am surprised they are not all obese!

Here's Sawyer and Hunter in the kitten room. The kittens were all pretty sweet. They also had a puppy room, but the puppies weren't real interested in being handled all day.

Here's Katelyn and Alaina in the rabbit area. Alaina fell in love with the rabbits and would have loved to take one home.

"Look ma, no hands!" I couldn't talk Sawyer into riding a pony with his brother.

They had this really cool maze there I and ran around in it with the kids. After awhile I got dizzy and just wanted out! Kate and Jonnie cheated and went under the fence at one point (:

They also had a large slide. There's Kate, Alaina, and Jonnie going down if you can't tell that is them. I couldn't talk Sawyer into this either. The boy is fearful of heights I'm afraid.

But, he is not afraid of 4-wheelers! They had a really cute "road" for the kids to drive their vehicles around. He loved this part.

All three of them in one of the bouncy houses.

Next, my kids and I boarded a little train and had a very slow train ride into a field and back. It was relaxing and Sawyer said this was his favorite part of the day. Mostly because he was sitting on my lap, playing with my hair.

They had the cutest, sweetest donkeys that were just walking around. Other cool animals they had were camels, pot belly pigs, and these strange looking cows that I have never seen before (I forgot to take pictures of them) and I forgot what they were called.

So, all in all it was a fun place and I will definitely go back. I recommend it to anyone in the area!

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