Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nelson Farm!

I had another awesome field trip to the Nelson Farm today. I think this is my 4th (maybe 5th) time chaperoning a Nelson Farm trip and I still love it! I could probably give the tour and the safety talk myself (:

Here's Sawyer and his partner for the day. They were very cute together. In fact, all the kids today were adorable. For a lot of them this was their first trip without their parents and they were all so well behaved and held our hands, etc. So sweet. I am not sure how Sawyer would have done without me. I am sure fine, but I am glad I was there anyway!

Learning about angora rabbits.

I always enjoy the pigs. Even thought they stink, they sure have funny personalities.

My favorite animal of the day was "Menace." He was hysterical. This picture was taken right before he ripped off Sawyer's name tag and started eating it. He was so cute!

"Who me?"

Here's the whole gang. This is actually the morning and afternoon class together so that's why there is so many. It's funny how Sawyer and partner are the only one's in the sun and you can't see their silly faces.

Waiting to take our wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch and giving rabbit ears (:

Sawyer and his best bud Kelsey. Unfortunately Kelsey was in another group, but I think she would have preferred to stay with us.

"We got our pumpkins!"

Wrapping up the day on the bouncers and trikes!

What a fabulous day and the weather was so beautiful! The only downfall was the bees at lunchtime and the fact that I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted due to the fact that preschoolers are very hands on and I was always helping someone (: I loved it, though and so did Sawyer. I still find it strange that I have started chaperoning Sawyer's field trips!! The first of many, I am sure.


Anonymous said...

Very cute! It makes me want to go there with Hunter. Gotta love those darn goats! Is Kelsey the really tough girl? :)


Lorrie said...

Haha, no Kelsey is Julie's daughter. They've known each other since babies but only recently became good friends at preschool. So cute. The "really tough girl" is tinier than I thought. She is about a head shorter than Sawyer! I told her mom the story and she said she is definitely bossy (: