Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Party

Sawyer had his Spring Party yesterday and it was sweet and adorable as usual. They started out the program re-enacting the "Very Hungry Caterpillar" book. Sawyer was a piece of pie. He was feeling a little bashful having all the parents looking at him, but he did do the motions and on occasion I would see him sing (:

I love his sweet face here (:

Here they are singing and signing a song about the colors of the rainbow.

Sawyer and Kelsey signing I Love You in one of the songs.

After the "show" we had muffins, cupcakes, and fruit with the kids. Sawyer had enough of pictures, I guess.

I tried for awhile to get a picture of Sawyer and I, but of course he wasn't cooperating... We are looking at the gift Sawyer gave me, it was a book of pictures throughout the year of him and his class and also recipes. Very sweet!

My friend Julie snuck this picture in when he wasn't looking. It's the best we could do (:

I finally got him to pose for a picture in front of their grass they are growing and their butterfly cocoons. It is so adorable hearing how excited all the kids are to see the butterflies break out of their cocoon!

It was a great little party and I do have to say once again that I LOVE Children's Corner Preschool!

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My Lifesong said...

Glad you and Sawyer had a wonderful party together. Sawyer, you are so cute...just want to hug you and squeeze you. But I know you won't let me.