Monday, April 25, 2011


We had a fun Easter this year! We started out the holiday dying eggs at Grandma Karen's. Normally I get together with my sister Danielle and her kiddos, but she didn't come home this year ): Here are a few pictures of the dying.

My side didn't get together this year which seemed odd, but my parents came over the day before and spent the day with us. Mom made a delicious raspberry dessert, too!

Easter morning the two oldest and I headed to church to work at the Easter brunch. We had to be there at 7:00, which is very early for me. I was surprisingly not tired and actually had a lot of fun. Sawyer and Jon met us there later that morning to eat with us before church started. During church, Alaina played her cello and sounded great!

After church we went over to my in-laws. We started out right away with the Easter egg hunt and the kids were all so excited-I love it!

My cutie pie nephew Levi.

Here's the whole gang~Levi, Sawyer, Jonnie, Alaina, Kate, Tucker, and Hunter.

My sister-in-law Melissa and I are both pregnant (obviously) and I wanted to get some pictures of us together. Here she is at 39 weeks and I am 29 weeks. We are both having girls, so it will be so cute and fun for the little ones to be so close in age!

The four youngest loving and going through their Easter baskets.

The three oldest getting their baskets..

I really wanted a family picture but for reason it always escapes my mind until it's too late, but I am glad I got at least one picture of my three. It's also nice to see Jonnie and Alaina getting along!

After we left Grandma Karen's house, we headed home and the kids were able to finally find their baskets from the Easter Bunny.

Sawyer found his under the Living room end table. This picture makes me laugh because you can tell by his eyes how tired he was (:

Alaina found hers in the movie cabinet...

Jonnie found his behind the rocking chair...

Going through their baskets...they were happy with what the Easter bunny brought them!

One tradition we have is to fly kites on Easter and we weren't very successful. It seemed windy all day until we got the kites out (:

Even though our kites didn't work out, it was still a nice day to play at the park.

It was such a beautiful day!

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